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Hydraulic jack for lifting bridge

2022-10-31 11:57:02

Hydraulic jack for lifting bridge must be based on the actual conditions of the bridge. For bridges with simply supported structure, it can be jacked with a single span or together in one joint for bridges with connected structural system, it shall be jacked up together according to one joint, and ensure that the jacking is synchronized. When using the hydraulic jack for construction, the lifting tonnage of the hydraulic jack should be selected according to the support reaction force calculated by the jacking. Make sure that the jacking tonnage of the hydraulic jack needs to be greater than 2 times the jacking component. The construction process is as follows.

hydraulic jacks for lifting

Work scaffolding erection work scaffolding is erected with steel pipes. The foundation is compacted and flat, and a concrete strip foundation is set up. In order to enhance the stability of the steel pipe frame, a throwing rod is installed on the outer side of the scaffold and a jack rod is installed on the inner side.

hydraulic jack for bridge jacking

Hydraulic jack and oil pump calibration In order to meet the requirements of jacking synchronization, the selection of hydraulic jack should be the same as possible. At the same time, in order to ensure that the beam body is evenly stressed during jacking, 300×300×30mm steel plates are placed under the same set of jacks. The top is cushioned with steel beams, the hydraulic jack must be supported on the web, and the hydraulic jack must be placed stably. All hydraulic jacks and oil pumps should be calibrated before they come out.

hydraulic jack for lifting bridge

And within the additional working pressure range, if you want to determine the actual load of the hydraulic jack, it is necessary to connect the pressure gauge seat at the oil outlet of the manual oil pump, and the working pressure is indicated by the pressure gauge. According to the working pressure and the area of ​​the cylinder, the weight of the heavy object can be known.
The above is the introduction of the relevant construction process of hydraulic jack for lifting bridge. If you want to know more about hydraulic jack for lifting bridge, or want to buy a hydraulic jack for lifting bridge, please contact us by email : info@gaodetec.com

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