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Synchronous lifting jack for sale

2022-11-05 02:54:25

Synchronous lifting jacks can be divided into integrated and separate types. The integral pump is integrated with the hydraulic cylinder, the separation pump is separated from the hydraulic cylinder, and the middle is connected with a high-pressure hose. The synchronous lifting jack has a compact structure and can lift heavy objects smoothly. The maximum lifting capacity is 1000 tons, the stroke is 1 meter, and the transmission efficiency is high, so it is widely used; but it is easy to leak oil and is not suitable for supporting heavy objects for a long time. If self-locking jacking is required for long-term support, the screw synchronous lifting jack and the synchronous lifting jack can be made into a multi-stage telescopic type to further reduce the overall height or increase the jacking distance.

synchronous lifting jack to  Philippines

320ton synchronous lifting jack

synchronous lifting jack to Singapore

Synchronous lifting jack instructions for use:
1. Before use, it is necessary to check whether all parts are normal.
2. The regulations in the main parameters should be strictly followed to avoid super high overload. Otherwise, when the lifting height or tonnage exceeds the specification, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder.
3. If the amount of oil in the manual pump body is insufficient, the pump should be filled with fully filtered N33# hydraulic oil to work.
4. Please refer to the instruction manual of the electric pump.
5. The center of gravity of the heavy object should be appropriately selected, the focus of the synchronous lifting jack should be reasonably selected, and the bottom surface should be flat. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the soft and hard conditions of the ground, whether the tough wood should be well padded and placed stably to avoid the load sinking or tilting.
6. After the synchronous lifting jack lifts the heavy object, use the bracket to support the heavy object firmly in time. The use of synchronized lifting jacks as support is prohibited. Choose if you need to support heavy objects for a long time.
7. If several synchronous lifting jacks are needed to lift at the same time, in addition to the correct placement of the synchronous lifting jacks, multiple diverter valves should be used, and the load of each synchronous lifting jack s should be balanced. Be careful to keep the lift speed in sync. It is also necessary to take into account the possible subsidence of the ground due to uneven weight, to prevent the danger from the tilting of the suspended heavy objects.
8. When using, first connect the quick connector of the hand pump to the top, then select a good position, and then tighten the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. To lower the piston rod, gently loosen the handwheel of the hand pump counterclockwise, the piston rod will gradually lower as the cylinder is unloaded. Otherwise it would be dangerous to descend too quickly.
9. This synchronous lifting jack is a spring return structure, which can be quickly taken out after lifting, but the connected hose cannot be used to pull the synchronous lifting jack.
10. Since the lifting stroke of the synchronous lifting jack is small, the user must not exceed the rated stroke when using it, so as not to damage the synchronous lifting jack.
11. Avoid violent vibration of the synchronous lifting jack during use.
12. Not suitable for use in workplaces with acid, alkali and corrosive gases.

synchronous lifting jack for synchronous displacement of Bridges

synchronous lifting jack for synchronous moving of bridges

If you need to buy a synchronous lifting jack at the same time, please contact professional manufacturers and suppliers. We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and can provide you with various customized services, such as tonnage, travel, etc. Email: info@gaodetec.com

synchronous lifting jack for sale

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