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Tension prestressed hollow hydraulic jack for sale

2022-10-28 14:19:08

For the tension prestressed hydraulic jack, the use of the hollow hydraulic jack can improve the integrity of the structure, and also improve the strength, such as the prestressed beam, cracks appear, it is only ugly, look The child will not collapse, and it can be used for a few years.

tension prestressed hydraulic jack

Among them, the single acting hollow hydraulic jack connects the oil pump to the joint of the main engine, and checks whether the joint is reliable; lift the main engine cover, select the same template as the busbar to be processed, and place it in the splint; place the busbar to be bent horizontally on the main engine flower plate Place one side on the top die, measure the required bending length, and fasten the nut on the splint; put the scale on the support base into the hole position, the scale is upward, the first choice of the hole position is related to the row width and the row Thickness doesn't matter, cover with flower plate.

single acting hollow hydraulic jack

Turn on the switch of the electric pump and set the reversing valve to the position or shake the handle of the hand pump. As the pressure increases, the movable die moves forward until it bends to the required angle. Note: Generally, the springback of the metal should be bent more. 3-5; Complete the bending, unload the oil pump, lift the plate to take out the workpiece; if you need to continue, please repeat the above.

tension prestressed hollow hydraulic jack

The above is the relevant work introduction about tension prestressed hollow hydraulic jack. I hope the above content will be helpful to you. If you need to buy a tension prestressed hollow hydraulic jack, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec. com

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