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Hydraulic jack cylinder for concrete frame

2021-06-01 18:59:22

Hydraulic jack cylinder for concrete frame for sale

Hydraulic jack cylinder, as industrial maintenance and installation tools that are widely used in the industry, different from the mechanical tools used in our homes, especially in the way they are maintained.
The hydraulic jacks cylinder produced by Gaode Equipment have undergone strict quality control before leaving the factory, so they can display their good performance when they reach the unit. Even so, we still have to spend a section to explain its post-maintenance. Because the hydraulic jacks for concrete frame are placed for a long time, the internal parts will produce some minor changes. These changes are what we usually need to pay attention to. Don't wait until you use it to remember it.

hydraulic jack for concrete frame

For the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder for concrete frame, we mainly consider the following aspects:
1. Replacement of hydraulic oil. After a long period of time, the long-term contact of the hydraulic oil with the space produces a chemical change (deterioration). If we do not replace it, the inferior oil will damage the jack. The viscous oil will pinch the small tubing and stick to the internal tubing, preventing normal oil passages.
2. Inspection of the joint part. Because during the construction process, if the high-pressure joint is inadvertently damaged, and exposed to the air for a long time, it will easily lead to rust and cracking of the joint. Such joints need to be replaced to avoid oil leakage during construction.
3. Tubing. Check the bending condition of the oil pipe during actual storage. If the oil pipe is bent, squeezed, damaged, etc., it needs to be replaced.

hydraulic cylinder for concrete frame

4. Replace the seal rings. After the sealing ring of hydraulic jack cylinder is in contact with air and oil, it will be stored for a long time, resulting in aging of the sealing ring. Such a seal loses its sealing effect and needs to be replaced. The flying imported sealing ring has a longer storage time and better sealing oxidation resistance. Even so, after the hydraulic jack has been used for a few years, it is still necessary to inspect it and replace the unqualified seal.
5. Maintenance of the pumping station. Because the hydraulic jack cylinder and the pumping station work together, the two are indispensable, so it is necessary to check the pumping station.
The core of the above inspection is to see if there is any oil leakage in the parts, which is the focus of our inspection in the later maintenance.
The above maintenance work has a great effect on extending the service life of the jack and reducing the problems in the construction. Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment will continue to provide customers with high quality hydraulic jacks, as well as provide you with the first time after-sales service, welcome your call to visit!

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