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Single Acting Hydraulic Jack Cylinder With Pump For Sale

2019-10-29 10:55:52

Single acting hydraulic jack cylinder with pump for sale

First, Single action hydraulic jack description: 
The single acting hydraulic jack with pump has a large stroke and a strong lifting capacity, and is the best choice for maintenance, manufacturing, construction and other operations. All models can be processed according to customer requirements, and the bottom is designed with mounting holes, which makes the installation and positioning convenient.

single acting hydraulic jack cylinder with pump

Second, the characteristics single acting hydraulic jack cylinder with pump
The piston part is welded with copper, the piston rod is coated with hard chrome, never pulls the cylinder, and the wear resistance is strong. High temperature baking varnish, surface abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and impact. Single-acting design, spring retraction (reset). High strength alloy steel is durable.

single acting hydraulic jack with pump

Third, the application of single acting hydraulic cylinder with pump:
1. If the oil quantity of the pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to first add working oil (10# oil) to the pump to work.
2, estimated weight, should not be overloaded.
3. Determine the center of gravity of the lifting object and select the point of gravity of the jack. At the same time, it must take into account whether the softness and hardness of the ground are padded with tough wood to avoid the risk of dumping when lifting.
4. After the jack lifts the heavy object, the heavy material should be supported in time with the tough wood. It is forbidden to use the jack as a support. It is forbidden to use several jacks at the same time to avoid the imbalance of load and the danger of dumping.
5. When using, first connect the quick joint of the manual pump to the top, then select the position and screw the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. Loosen the oil drain screw and unload the cylinder.
6. Please refer to the instruction manual for the electric pump.

single acting hydraulic cylinder with pump

Four, the attention of single acting hydraulic jack with pump for sale:
a) If there is a blanking phenomenon during working, first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, and then open vertically pump body and turn it down a few times, then tighten the oil drain screw to continue using.
b) When there is load, it is forbidden to remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the machine.
c) This machine uses oil as the medium. It is necessary to do the maintenance work of the oil and the machine to avoid fouling or oil leakage and affect the use effect.
d) New or long-term hydraulic jacks, because there is more air in the cylinder, when the piston is used, the piston rod may show a slight jump phenomenon. The hydraulic jack can be reciprocated 2-3 times without load to eliminate The air inside the cavity. Long-term idle jacks, because the seals do not work for a long time, causing the seals to harden, thus affecting the service life of the hydraulic jacks. Therefore, when the hydraulic jacks are not in use, the hydraulic jacks should be reciprocated 2-3 times per month.

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