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High-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose

2023-05-06 19:09:13

The high-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose is independently developed by our company with years of experience and repetition tests in all kinds of complicated working conditions.

high-pressure peristaltic pump rubber hose

Structure of high-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose:
The rubber hose has an inner rubber layer (the material of the inner rubber layer is determined by the use of the hose), the multi-layer cloth or the cord is used as the reinforcing layer, and the outer rubber layer is determined according to the use of the hose.

high-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose

Peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose is a special hose for the hose pump. It is the most advanced peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose produced by the machinery. The hose body is soft, elastic, and has excellent wear resistance. Synthetic fibers are added to the pipe body to enhance the overall performance of the pipe body. In the process of use, low heat, good elastic recovery, and durability. The hose has good resistance to positive pressure and negative pressure, good resistance to acid, alkali, oil, high temperature, etc. The service life is over 1500 hours.

high-pressure rubber hose

Application area of high-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose:
1. Gold smelting industry: transport of gold slurry and tailings.
2. Acid, alkali, and phosphate materials in the chemical industry, titanium dioxide phosphate, titanium dioxide slurry, crystallization liquid, suspension, latex, resin, slime, and various liquids.
3. Drilling mud in the petroleum industry, crude oil transportation, and the transportation of organic solvents such as gasoline and kerosene, and fuel oil.
4. Sludge for water treatment, lime slurry, adding chemicals, sampling water, and sediment transport.
5. Minerals, metallurgical industries such as filling materials in gold mining, iron oxide skin, flue mud treatment of concentrated pulp, drainage of underground channels, adsorbents, mortar, and mortar.
6. The pharmaceutical industry feeds liquids.
7. Food-grade beverage delivery in the food industry.
8. Paper industry, pulp, sulfur syrup delivery.
9. Construction industry cement sand pump delivery.
10. Cement industry cement mortar delivery.
11. Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, cream, face oil, etc.
12. Beer industry: Yeast, diatomaceous earth, lees, syrups, ingredients, concentrates, gas-liquid mixtures.
13. Other industry applications: The aviation industry, ships, etc. Clean and environmental-friendly wastewater treatment.

high-pressure rubber squeeze  hose

If you want to buy high-pressure peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

high-pressure squeeze pump rubber hose

peristaltic squeeze pump rubber hose

rubber hose

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