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Hydroseeder machine for golf course grass seeding for sale

2023-05-08 17:20:51

GHS10120 hydroseeder machine uses a 120kw Cummins diesel engine, Industrial grade air-controlled large torque clutch, and higher lift working efficiency. It is widely used in spraying grass seed, slope stabilization and Landscaping, highway slope protection projects, and planting grass spraying seeds, etc. projects. 

golf course grass seeding hydroseeder

Hydroseeder machine can of course also be used for golf course grass seeding. Based on our experience, we recommend the GHS10120 hydroseeder machine for golf course grass seeding projects. This machine has a tank capacity of 2,500 gallons and is capable of covering up to 10 acres per day. It also comes with various nozzles and spray patterns to help ensure even coverage and a healthy, lush lawn.

hydroseeder for golf course greening

Hydroseeder machine for golf course grass seeding working principle:
Hydroseeder machine is a special equipment for slope greening and grass planting. The hydroseeder can quickly spray the plant growth substrate and grass seeds on a large area of slope and land to form vegetation and achieve the effect of rapid spraying greening. Spraying grass and spraying plant protection technology is based on the principle of liquid seeding. After scientifically processing the plant seeds with strong vitality and meeting various greening functions, the fertilizer, planting soil, fiber material, water retaining agent, adhesive and water are released in a certain proportion. Put it into the mixing tank of the sprayer, mix the liquid medicine evenly, and then spray the mixed liquid directly onto the slope through the mud pump of the sprayer or introduce the hose into the slope to form a layer of plant seeds evenly covered under protection, and then lay non-woven fabrics for protection , is a kind of construction technique for slope greening.

hydroseeder machine for golf course grass seeding

If you want to buy a hydroseeder machine for golf course grass seeding, you can send us an inquiry directly at info@gaodetec.com.

hydroseeder machine for sale

However, we suggest that you consult with a golf course engineer or turfgrass specialist to determine the best grass species for your specific location and climate before purchasing any grass seed or hydroseeder machine.

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