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500kg refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door

2024-02-26 16:58:34

GRM500 500kg refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door is designed to mix refractory and castable materials. This machine is of top performance and is available in a stationary or mobile design. The mixing capacity of the machine is 500kg per batch, and it is equipped with a hydraulic discharge door and a power of 11kw. The 500kg refractory pan mixer is available to be customized as per the user's requirements.

refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door

500kg pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door

To prevent wobbling during use, the 500kg refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door has a forklift hole instead of walking wheels. The bottom and inner wall of the mixer are made of high wear-resistant steel liner. This ensures that the refractory materials mix evenly and prevent sticking. The mixer also has five different purpose mixing arms.

500kg refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door

Apart from the forklift hole, GRM500 500kg pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door has a soft-start device, which enables the machine to start the motor smoothly. Apart from refractory and castable materials, it can mix different materials in a dry, semi-dry, and wet state. The machine has an automatic metering and water-adding feature, making it user-friendly.

refracto castable pan mixer

The refractory pan mixer is easy to operate, durable, and low maintenance. It has landing gear, making it convenient, labor-saving, and efficient to use. There are five different models of this mixer with a different capacity ranging from 100kg to 1000kg.

The refractory pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door comes with different features, including pushbutton start/stop with a safety grid, limit switch for automatic cut-out, mixer discharge self-cleaning, and easily replaceable wear segments. Additionally, it has a right-angled drive for low discharge height, automatic water spray nozzle, and bag breaker.

electric refractory pan mixer

pan mixer with hydraulic discharge door

The refractory pan mixer is fast in mixing speed and homogeneous with its compact design. It has a comfortable feeding height, making it easy to move for site operation. The 500kg refractory pan mixer machine is suitable for refractory materials spraying projects in the steel industry. Its low maintenance cost adds to its cost-effectiveness.

refractory mixer with hydraulic discharge door

If you are in need of a high-performance and high-quality 500kg refractory pan mixer with a hydraulic discharge door, we have just what you're looking for. Our pan mixer is specifically designed for mixing refractory materials, and comes equipped with a durable hydraulic discharge door for easy operation and long-lasting reliability. With this machine, you can achieve consistent and homogeneous mixing for all of your refractory material production needs. For any inquiries or orders, please feel free to contact us directly at info@gaodetec.com. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service and value for all of your business requirements.

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