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Filter press with hydraulic plunger pump for sale

2021-11-11 16:41:17

A filter press is a piece of equipment which is used for solid-liquid separation, you can get the solid cake from the mixture. Specifically, the filter press for sale separates the liquids and solids using pressure filtration, wherein a slurry is pumped by a feed pump, such as a hydraulic plunger / piston pump into the filter press and is dewatered under pressure. Basically, every filter press is designed based on the volume and type of slurry that needs to be dewatered. 

filter press for sludge dewater

Gaode Equipment is a trusted expert in solid-liquid separation and offers a wide range of filter press types and capacities to suit specific application needs for trouble-free, economical dewatering. We have automatic filter press for sale, manual type filter press, hydraulic filter press, membrane filter press, chamber filter press, stainless steel filter press, quicker open filter press for your option. 

membrane filter press with washing system

A filter press is needed work with a feed pump, you can see many filter press with hydraulic plunger pump in the working site. For a some types of filter press, such as automatic chamber filter press, membrane filter press and some models of hydraulic filter press, the hydraulic plunger pump is the best choose for them. 

filter press with hydraulic plunger pump

How does a filter press work?
The solid-liquid mixture is pumped into the filter press by a hydraulic plunger pump. The solids are distributed evenly during the feed cycle.
As the material is pumped into the filter press, the solids begin blocked by filter cloth. Most of the solid/liquid separation is done by the filter cake building on the cloths. At first some fines may pass through the cloth, but eventually the solids begin to form a layer on the filter cloth much like a pre-coat. That layer traps the fine particles and forms a filter cake.

membrane filter press for municipal sewage

As the solid-liquid mixture getting into filter press, the solid continue to enter the filter chamber until form a solid cake with less moisture. When the chambers are full, the fill cycle is complete. For a external stream filter press, with the filtering process, you can see the filtration is get out of the tap. If the filter press you use is the internal stream filter press, the filtrate exits the filter plates through the corner ports into the manifold, the filtrate will be collected and discharged through the pipeline uniformly. 

filter press for sale

membrane filter press for sale

Filter presses with hydraulic plunger piston pump for sale can be built in a wide range of sizes, from small, lab-scale 250*250mm presses, to those with much larger capacities, such as those with 1500 and 2000mm filter plates. Filter press with hydraulic plunger pump for sale are used for liquid/solid separation in an extensive range of industries and applications including:
1. Chemical industry: dyes, pigments, phosphors, insurance powders, water purifiers, etc.
2. Metallurgy: gold ore, silver ore, copper ore, iron ore, zinc ore, rare earth powder processing, etc.
3. Clay: kaolin, bentonite, activated clay, porcelain clay, electronic ceramic soil, etc.
4. Sewage treatment: chemical sewage, smelting sewage, electroplating sewage, leather sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, brewing sewage, pharmaceutical sewage, environmental sewage, etc.
And more…

filter press with plunger pump for sale

Whether you have a question about filter press cloth selection, need performance optimization for an existing filter press, need spare press parts, or are embarking on a new filtration project, contact Gaodetec to put our expertise to work in your operation. You can find us via info@gaodetec.com

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