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Filter press piston pump for ceramic slurry

2023-01-28 22:33:07

The YB series filter press piston pump is a double-cylinder (single cylinder) ceramic plunger pump driven by hydraulic pressure. The pump has the characteristics of stable operation, reliable work, low noise, high pressure, small pressure fluctuation, strong continuous workability, convenient installation and maintenance operation, and long service life.

filter press piston pump for ceramic slurry

This piston pump to transport ceramic slurry is mainly used in ceramics, sludge, chemical, food and other industries. It supplies slurry for various types of spray drying towers. It can also be used to transport slurry, clean (sewage) water, mineral slurry, coal slurry, and various suspended liquids over long distances. 

hydraulic ceramic piston plunger pump for marble wastewater

Because this transport clay slurry piston pump ceramic pump can transport suspensions with a solid content concentration greater than 70%, the hydraulic piston plunger pump shows higher energy-saving efficiency when used with filter presses and other drying equipment. This ceramic piston pump is the most ideal product for various types of solid-liquid separation. In recent years, this slurry slip pump has been widely used in sewage treatment industry and metallurgical powder beneficiation industry. 

piston pump to transport ceramic slurry

And for our YB series filter press piston pump, we also have stainless steel type for your choose. The stainless steel type transport clay slurry pump ceramic slip pump is designed to transport acidic materials. Since acid-resistant stainless steel has a certain ability to resist crystal construction corrosion, all the parts of our stainless steel hydraulic plunger pump that contact the acid material medium are made of acid-resistant stainless steel materials, using acid-resistant plunger machine and acid-resistant sealing. Our piston pump for transport ceramic slurry can also be made of other stainless steel materials and special materials, which will not cause secondary pollution to the conveyed materials. The stainless steel hydraulic slurry ceramic piston pump is widely used in the transportation and high-pressure filtration of kaolin, activated clay and acid-containing materials. And the stainless steel is welded, compared to casting, it is not easy to fall off.

YB250 stainless steel slip plunger pump for tile plant

YB250 stainless steel ceramic slip pump for spraydryer

If you have any needs about filter press feed pump or a hydraulic ceramic piston pump used for tile plant, spraydryer, slurry etc, please let us know, our experienced engineers and sales team will provide you with an economical and suitable solution. You can find us via info@gaodetec.com

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