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Duplex piston mud slurry pump manufacturer

2021-12-01 09:51:05

We are a duplex piston mud slurry pump manufacturer, a mud pump is a reciprocating piston/plunger pump designed to circulate drilling fluid under high pressure (up to 7,500 psi (52,000 KPa)) down the drill string and back up the annulus. A duplex mud pump is an important part of the equipment used for oil well drilling, top duplex piston mud slurry pump supplier.

Duplex piston mud slurry pump

Advantages of duplex mud pumps:
Duplex piston mud slurry pump for sale (two piston/plungers) have generally been replaced by the triplex pump, but are still common in developing countries. Two later developments are the hex pump with six vertical pistons/plungers, and various quintuplex’s with five horizontal piston/plungers. The advantages that duplex piston mud slurry pump for sale have over convention triplex pumps is a lower mud noise which assists with better Measurement while drilling and Logging while drilling decoding.

Use duplex mud pumps to make sure that the circulation of the mud being drilled or the supply of liquid reaches the bottom of the well from the mud cleaning system. Despite being older technology than the triplex mud pump, the duplex mud pumps can use either electricity or diesel, and maintenance is easy due to their binocular floating seals and safety valves,Gaodetec duplex piston mud slurry pump supplier, very professional.

Duplex mud pump parts:
A mud pump is composed of many parts including mud pump liner, mud pump piston, modules, hydraulic seat pullers, and other parts. Parts of a mud pump:

BW-200 mud pump is a horizontal cylinder double-acting reciprocating piston pump is mainly used for core drilling into the drilling fluid is supplied, comparing the same type of pump and the pump with small size, light weight, more suitable for geological exploration on use
BW-200 mud pump is adapted to the needs of diamond drilling is equipped with two kinds of diameter cylinder, cylinder liner for Ø80 mm diameter alloy steel particles in normal use 600m drilling rig, Ø65 cylinder liner available the normal use of small caliber diamond drilling rig 1000meters.

The technical parameters of the BW-200 double-cylinder mud pump:

Cylinder diameter(mm) 80 65
Stroke(mm) 85
Pump Speed(times/min) 145
Flow(L/min) 200 125
Pressure(Mpa) 4.0 6.0
Power(kw) 15
Size(mm) 1050*630*820
Weight(kg) 300

We usually fine the customer a certain amount of accessories when shipping, and use it when the customer performs repairs. If duplex piston mud slurry pump for sale is not enough, you can also place an order like us. Of course, some customers will use mines, so there are requirements for explosion-proof machines, so we need to provide customers with explosion-proof motors, and we can equip you with a suitable drive engine according to your choice. Of course, it can also be sold to you separately. We can provide all the parts and screws, and you can install them yourself.

 duplex mud pump

In fact, the biggest advantage of the double-piston mud pump is that the machine has a good balance and has less noise, but the effect is not as effective as a three-cylinder mud pump. It has been replaced by a three-cylinder mud pump, but due to the high price of the two-cylinder Therefore, we still reserve a few double-cylinder models for customers to choose from. If you are interested, you can contact us, we are a professional duplex piston mud slurry pump supplier.

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