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Small quarry blasting DTH rock drill rig for sale

2020-02-07 13:49:01

Down the hole drill rig is our company design a new type of energy-saving and high efficiency drilling equipment, widely used in medium and small mines and road construction, national defense, water conservancy and the stone in the engineering of deep hole drilling operation, also is the indispensable drilling open-pit mining equipment, especially suitable for other jumbo can't normal operation on a rugged terrain; The DTH rock drill rig has compact structure, convenient operation, fast speed, high efficiency, complete machine detachable, transportation is extremely convenient.

DTH drll rig for mine

The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is to use the drill rod to drive the pneumatic impactor to rotate together with the drill bit, and the piston impact hammer of the pneumatic impactor is used to break the ore. 
During the rock drilling process reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the hole depth on the rock drilling efficiency. Drilling equipment for downhole drilling is a down-hole drilling rig. 

quarry blasting DTH rock drill rig

Main features of our mine rock drill equipment
1. It can drill both horizontal and vertical.
2. High efficiency and stable performance.
3. Low noise and high speed drilling while working.
4. Easy to install and disassemble in working sites.
5. Small and light, suitable to drill in all kinds of environments.

DTH drll rig for mine

There is a deffence between DTH drilling rig with other rigs, that the mine dth drill rig will be equipped with an air compressor during use. Only the impactor uses compressed air in the rig. The whole machine consumes less air. You can choose a smaller displacement air compressor, which reduces the unit (rig + air (Press) is a development product that gradually replaces other power-type drilling rigs. 
If you need it, please contact us by email: info@gaodetec.com. Or leave your number, we will send message to you as soon as possible.

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