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Concrete transfer pump for sale

2022-06-28 18:33:32

Concrete transfer pump, also known as the concrete pump, the delivery pipe, and the pump body. The structure form is divided into piston type, extrusion type, and water pressure diaphragm type. It is a type of equipment used mostly in the building of homes, bridges, and tunnels that employs pressure to move concrete constantly through the pipeline.

concrete pump for sale

Concrete transfer pump has hydraulic drive type and mechanical drive type. Hydraulic drive type concrete pump consists of hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, Y-shaped pipe, flushing equipment, hydraulic system, and power system. The hydraulic system pushes the piston reciprocating movement through pressure. The piston absorbs material when moving backward and presses the concrete in the concrete cylinder into the delivery pipe through the Y-shaped pipe when pushing forward. After pumping concrete, the pump body and the delivery pipe are cleaned with high-pressure water or compressed air. The displacement of piston-type concrete pumps depends on the number and diameter of concrete cylinders, the speed of piston reciprocating motion, the volumetric efficiency of concrete cylinder suction, etc.

concrete transfer pump for sale

Squeeze-type concrete transfer pump for sale. There are three types: rotor type double roller type, straight pipe type three roller type, and belt type double groove type. The rotor-type double roller concrete pump is composed of a hopper, pump body, extrusion hose, vacuum system, and power system. The pump body is sealed, the rotor frame inside the pump body is equipped with two planetary rollers, the inner wall of the pump body is lined with a rubber gasket, and the inner circumference of the gasket is equipped with an extrusion hose. The power device drives the planetary roller to rotate and crush the extruded rubber tube, which will squeeze the concrete inside the tube into the delivery pipe and discharge. 

concrete transfer pump

The vacuum system keeps a certain degree of vacuum in the pump body, which makes the squeeze hose recover immediately after crushing and makes the concrete in the hopper speed up to be sucked into the squeeze hose. The displacement of the extruded concrete pump depends on the rotor's turning radius and turning speed, the diameter of the extruded hose, and the volumetric efficiency of concrete suction.

Application of concrete transfer pump:
1. Masonry block filling;
2. Concrete wall grouting;
3. Refractory castable&shotcrete;
4. Concrete shotcrete;
5. Tunneling construction;
6. Concrete wall construction;
7. Mining support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings);
8. Excavation protection;
9. Concrete sidewalk;
10. Swimming pool (sprayed concrete shells);

If you are interested in our concrete pump products, please contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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