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High Quality Shotcrete Machine for Tunnel

2022-06-25 17:24:31

Gaodetec Equipment began as a manufacturer of grouting equipment in 2012, specializing in concrete shotcrete. Hundreds of projects, both large and little, have provided invaluable production and sales experience. We have years of experience making and selling shotcrete equipment, so we can understand your requirements and propose the best equipment for the job.

concrete spraying machine for tunnel

Working principle of high quality shotcrete machine for tunnel:
The high quality shotcrete machine sprays the quick-setting agent, sand, and gravel into the cement slurry that has been called by the slurry pump, which is then combined in the mixer before being transferred via the conveying pipe to the gun for spraying.
Main structure: Rotor type concrete shotcrete machine, cement slurry mixer, extruded cement slurry pump, electrical control box, discharge elbow, air circuit system, mixing device, spray gun, frame and other parts. 

high quality shotcrete machine

The air circuit system, rotor, reducer, discharge elbow, hopper, mixing device, and other components make up the shotcrete machine. The rotor is rotated through the reduction by the motor. The stirred material is loaded into the rotor and sent out of the material elbow by the air pipeline in the air circuit system. Next, the assistant of the auxiliary air inlet pipeline in the air circuit system helps the auxiliary air inlet pipeline send the stirred material out of the material elbow, and the mixture is then sprayed to the sprayed surface through the delivery pipe, nozzle, and spray.
Dry shotcrete machines and wet shotcrete machines are the two categories that are based on how water is added.

shotcrete machine for tunnel

Take the mode of GZ-3A 
high quality shotcrete machine for tunnel for example, its feature:
1. Dry mix shotcrete equipment is suitable for isolated working sites because it requires no electricity.
2. A more powerful TMH5.5D four-cylinder piston air motor.
3. Dry mix shotcrete machine with electric motor and diesel engine as an option.
4. 1.5 to 3 m3/h dry mix air motor Shotcrete machinery features a consistent material flow and a range of output capacities.

high quality shotcrete machine for tunnel

Application of 
high quality shotcrete machine for tunnel:
High quality shotcrete machine can be used as well for small jobs.
Shotcrete is used for lining kilns,boilers and furnaces to spray refractory materials.
Build pools, hot springs and water features.
Tunnel construction.
Refractory spraying.
Shotcrete is used to stabilize slopes and hillsides.
Concrete wall construction.
Construction of underground parking garage.
Mine supports (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings).
Spray waterproofing membrane and concrete repair material.
Parking lot maintenance and concrete building maintenance.
Soil nails, soil conservation and retaining walls.
Rock beautification.

Above all, high quality shotcrete machines are used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects and coal mine high marsh mine roadway shotcrete construction operations.
If you are interested in our product, please contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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