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Concrete mini pump for sale

2019-12-09 18:26:31

Concrete mini pump for sale

Mini concrete pump for sale secondary structure pouring, the machine is light in weight, equipped with walking wheels, convenient for walking wheels, easy to move, unique design, can be placed directly on the floor for on-site pouring, and is not limited by pumping height. Effectively solve the problem of high-quality pouring of the top near the bottom beam section which occurs during the pouring of the structural column, and the machine guarantees the flatness and the perceived quality of the structural column. It is suitable for super-high-rise fine stone concrete transportation, building floor group structure column, secondary structure column casting pumping efficiency is high, pumping system is several times of manual construction, which effectively improves production efficiency and saves labor costs.
Concrete mini pump for sale introduction is applied in high-rise building mortar and fine concrete conveying, secondary structural column grouting, reservoir, hydropower station, port, dock, various pressure grouting, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway, mine Backfill grouting anchor support during construction. Other descriptions This product adopts hydraulic feeding, and the double-cylinder reciprocating operation of vibrating net filter can completely transport various mortars, fine stone concrete, etc. in building application. This product has large displacement, high pressure, labor saving, flexible movement, etc. Features, is an ideal mortar conveying equipment.

concrete mini pump for sale


Advantages of the concrete mini pump supplier
The pump is small in size, convenient in construction, simple in operation, and can be directly cast on the floor, which greatly reduces labor intensity.
The fully mechanized operation is hundreds of times more than the manual pouring of concrete, shortening the construction period.
The concrete pouring concrete of the pump has good continuity, high conveying efficiency and labor cost.
The pump has high configuration, good quality, convenient movement, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.
The pump uses only 15KW of low power, which takes into account the convenience of electricity used in the construction site.
We are a professional concrete mini pump manufacturers in China. Welcome to visit our factory. If there is anything we can do for you, we will be pleased to do that timely. 

mini concrete pump for sale

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