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The working principle of 200 tons double acting hydraulic jack

2019-12-03 16:24:18

The working principle of 200 tons double acting hydraulic jack
Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. has customized 200 tons double acting hydraulic jacks for customers. As shown in the figure: the base has a groove design with a handle to facilitate handling during construction. The double acting jack, hollow structure can be applied to special occasions and is widely used in nuclear power plants, tunnel engineering, underground engineering, construction and other occasions.

200 tons double acting hydraulic jack

A 200 tons hydraulic jack is a very simple, but very important, lifting device that is used primarily in environments where lifting or support is required. Hollow hydraulic jacks are more suitable for use in tensioning tendons or wire bundles, and work by ejecting and contracting of hollow pistons.
The 200 tons double-acting hydraulic jack is a rigid lifting device using a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder. It is suitable for high-tonnage lifting operations and requires high precision control of object lifting and maintenance operations. In the tunnel pipe horizontal displacement installation, its hydraulic reset design can quickly and effectively retract the piston to its original position, ready to advance the next pipe.

200 tons hydraulic jack

Different types of 200 tons hydraulic jacks have different working principles. Hydraulic jacks play an important role in the industrial field. The hydraulic oil transmission principle is adopted. In the various passages, the conventional problems encountered by hydraulic jacks can be compared with many advantages. Slightly less. When the manual oil pump continuously presses the oil into the cylinder, as the oil pressure continuously increases in the cylinder, the piston and the weight on the piston are forced to move upward together, and the piston will not continue to ascend when the piston reaches the stroke. By operating the pump station in the opposite direction, the oil passage is caused to flow in the opposite direction, and the cylinder piston is retracted.
 How to use double acting hydraulic jack?
Connect the oil pipe: first check the connection of each component, the quick connector should be inserted firmly, use the manual pump or electric pump to supply oil to the hydraulic jack, and connect the jack to the pump station through the oil pipe.

200 tons hydraulic jack for sale

Strictly follow the rules in the main parameters, be sure to remember that it is not able to exceed the high overload, otherwise the lifting height will be increased and the lifting tonnage will exceed the specified weight, the oil will start to leak at the top of the cylinder.
Leveling: To ensure the flatness of the bottom surface, and to consider the soft and hard conditions of the ground, whether to pad the tough wood or the block, whether the placement is stable, so as not to sink or tilt the weight.
Zhengzhou Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd customizes various hydraulic jacks according to the needs of customers. The quality is excellent, welcome to inquire.

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