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Commercial hydroseeder supplier

2021-03-25 15:08:50

Commercial hydroseeder supplier
The commercial hydroseeder for sale gradually replaced the position of dry sprayer and concrete pump in construction, and to a certain extent solved the low efficiency of dry sprayer, high construction cost, more labor, high cost of wet sprayer, and high risk. After repeated research and improvement, the commercial hydroseeder can now be used for spray sowing on soil-free or organic soil surfaces such as rock, soil and sand.

commercial hydroseeder application

Gaodetec as the commercial hydroseeder supplier, we can supply the different mixing tank commercial hydroseeder such as the 3000L,6000L,8000L and 15000L for you choosing, and about the engine, we has the Chinese brand engine and Cummins engine for you. We can also provide the customized service.

commercial hydroseeder supplier

The commercial hydroseeder for sale is a new type of greening method that combines spraying and non-irrigation technologies. The grass seeds for greening are mixed with water-retaining agents, adhesives, green fiber coverings and fertilizers in a mixing container. The gelled mixed slurry is sprayed on the ground to be sown with a pressure pump. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, the water and other nutrient sources required for plant growth are provided, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly, and there is no need to replenish water. The commercial hydroseeder for sale is suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially in areas that lack watering facilities in arid areas.

commercial hydroseeder for sale

The characteristics of the commercial hydroseeder for sale:
1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, moderate price, in line with the current user's purchasing level.
2. The commercial hydroseeder for sale has good maneuverability and complete equipment. It adopts electric start diesel engine to operate, which is simple and convenient.
3. Safe and convenient operation. The commercial hydroseeder is equipped with a fully functional operating panel. The non-slip work platform has a detachable 80cm-high enclosed protective fence to ensure the safety of the console and gun operators and other workers. The workbench can also temporarily stack goods.
4. Adopting the dual mixing form of paddle mechanical stirring and circulating jet agitation, the commercial hydroseeder is enough to ensure that the mixed liquid is in a fully suspended and completely uniform state during the spraying process, and the mixed raw materials can be sprayed uniformly at one time.
5. The commercial hydroseeder is highly dynamic, with a lift of 80-100m or more, and is equipped with a variety of spray guns such as vertical tube belt type, which can extend the working range by 100-200m; short-distance spraying can use fan-shaped nozzles, spraying in mist To meet the needs of various spraying.

commercial hydroseeder

If you are interested in the commercial hydroseeder for sale, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com, we will send the commercial hydroseeder price for you! 

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