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Industrial concrete hose pump for sale

2021-03-24 10:58:12

Industrial concrete hose pump for sale 

Industrial concrete hose pump for sale is mainly composed of pump casing, rotating frame, squeeze wheel assembly, supporting wheel assembly, block wheel assembly, high toughness and wear-resistant squeeze hose and power drive system. The squeeze hose is arranged in a horizontal U-shape in the pump housing. When the power system drives the squeeze wheel on the rotating frame to rotate, the squeeze hose is elastically deformed by the backlog of the squeeze wheel, and a pressure of 1~2MPa is formed in the suction port. Under negative pressure, the fluid slurry is quickly sucked in, and the material is discharged from the outlet through 2 to 3 squeezing wheels, which are sealed and pushed in sections. At the same time, the subsequent slurry comes one after another, thereby forming a pressure cycle of the slurry.
The industrial concrete hose pump for sale adopts valveless operation, no backflow, free conversion of inlet and outlet, stable pumping material flow, and low failure rate. High vacuum and strong self-priming ability. Maintenance is simple and quick, with few wearing parts (only squeeze the hose). The industrial concrete hose pump for sale also be used for quantitative transportation of laboratory fluids; mining and mineral processing; gold smelting industry; chemical industry; sewage treatment; petroleum industry; ceramics industry; paper industry; cosmetics; construction industry; electroplating industry; food industry; pharmaceutical industry; radioactive waste Liquid, electrolytic waste residue, metal slag liquid, paint, coating, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, adhesives, glue, latex, refractory fiber slurry and other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity, and high particle content are transported.

industrial concrete hose pump application

The characteristics of the industrial concrete hose pump for sale are as follows:
1. There is no need to worry about the leakage of the sealing part because there are no sealing parts such as mechanical seal and gland packing.
2. Since there is no sealing part, it can be run dry and used as a vacuum pump.
3. Because the fluid only passes through the special rubber tube, the impeller, rotor, cylinder and other moving parts do not touch the liquid, do not stir and foam, so it can be directly transported in the original state.
4. The industrial hose pump can be conveyed in either direction of discharge or suction. Therefore, the fluid remaining in the discharge pipe can be easily discharged by reversing.
5. The parts in contact with liquid are only rubber, which has good wear resistance and low-speed operation, so it is suitable for the transportation of concrete.
The concrete hose pump has many advantages and advantages, if you are interested in the concrete hose pump, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com.

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