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CLC concrete pump for deliver CLC concrete for high buildings

2019-10-22 17:51:33

Foam concrete is more and more popular, many countries use CLC foam concrete pump in different fields, such as high buildings, roofing, flooring, CLC blocks, light weight wall panels, road construction, etc. Because foam concrete has many advantages: lightweight, water proof, sound proof, thermal insulation, low density, high strength, low cost, time and energy saving, construction speed faster, etc.

CLC concrete pump for deliver CLC concrete

CLC foam concrete mixer is mainly used to mix cement, sand, water and foam agent into foam concrete. Our CLC foam concrete mixer includes 5 parts: materials feeder, mixer, foam generator, control panel and moving wheels, and puts it all in one, very convenient to move and operate. Our CLC foam concrete mixer adopts screw mixing, can mix materials more evenly, so the foam concrete density is more uniform.

CLC concrete pump for high buildings

And also, if you want to floor heating, roof insulation, pour wall, cast in place, etc. you can match our CLC foam concrete pump to realize. The CLC concrete pump is specially used for delivering CLC concrete to high buildings. Our CLC foam concrete pump can pump 500m in horizontal and 180m in vertical. The CLC concrete pump for high buildings can pump Max. aggregate size is 8mm, bigger than other CLC foam concrete pump. Usually, CLC foam concrete pump just can pump Max. aggregate 3mm.

CLC foam concrete pump

And if you want to get a whole foam concrete machine, puts all parts in one, includes CLC foam concrete pump, we also have. Our model GF5 is an all in one foam concrete machine, just like the picture shows. If you want to get more info about the CLC concrete pump for high buildings, please feel free to contact us. Email address:

CLC concrete pump other apps, details as following:
1. External wall thermal insulation;
2. Thermal insulation roofing;
3. Thermal flooring;
4. Upstanding beam foundation ditches filling;
5. Sound insulation and fire protection walls;
6. Playground and track construction;
7. Sound insulation layer, tunnel lining filling;
8. Cellar, basement and arch filling;                   
9. Sewers and Drains filling;
10. Horizontal floor heightening;
11. Water tank and fuel tank building;
12. Platform filling and mending;
13. Garden and rockeries;
14. Foam concrete block;
15. Foamed concrete precast, hollow wallboard casting.

The above is a description for 
CLC concrete pump for high buildings, which can improve the quality of use and is convenient to use. This is an important point. If you are interested in our CLC concrete pump for high buildings, please feel free to contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com    

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