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Concrete grout pump for sale

2019-10-21 14:25:13

HBT series concrete grout pump is a hot-selling product independently produced by Gaode equipment Co., Ltd. The products are sold well at home and abroad, and the products cover all models of motors and diesel pumps.

concrete grout pump

Compared with the traditional infusion construction process, the construction load of a concrete column pump is 240 pieces/day (0.18 cubic meters per column), which is equivalent to the workload of 48 infusion workers, which can shorten the perfusion project. 90% of the construction work cycle, and can save thousands of dollars in labor per day.
The concrete grout pump can be started only by one person operation, which greatly reduces the labor cost and effectively solves the problem of insufficient construction funds in Banqiao Village.
In addition, the concrete pump for sale is very suitable for some special construction environments, including: railway road tunnels, diversion tunnels, culverts, mine caves, bridge tunnels, etc. The power of the concrete grout pump is very small. In the case of occasional power outages in Banqiao Village, It only works with a small generator.

concrete pump for sale

This concrete grout pump is currently a small concrete pump for sale in China and is the only choice for many narrow construction environments. The concrete grout pump is light in weight and easy to move. High configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long life. In the construction of areas such as Banqiao Village and other places, there was no failure. The key is that for customers, the price of the product is very affordable and the price is very high.
The successful development of the special concrete grout pump for the construction of Gaode structural column has changed the method of pouring the structural column in the construction of the whole concrete machinery industry, bringing new technology to the construction of the industry.

concrete grout pump for sale

The advantages of our concrete grout pump are as follows:
1. High configuration and excellent performance. Concrete grout pump adopts German Rexroth oil pump, first-line brand motor, strong power, long service life and low maintenance cost. Imported electrical components such as Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc., high quality, low failure rate.
2. High performance pumping components. Wear-resistant 砼 piston, wear-resistant hard alloy glasses, cutting ring, wear-resistant S valve tube, greatly extend the service life. Streamlined optimized hopper to reduce material accumulation.
3. Patented design hydraulic system. Double pump double-circuit open hydraulic system, long life of oil pump, strong resistance to oil pollution, rapid and powerful commutation, simple and convenient maintenance, double filtration technology to ensure system stability.
4. Electro-hydraulic reversing control technology. Concrete grout pump adopts proximity switch non-contact pick-up commutation signal, and uses a programming controller to optimize the commutation time of the main cylinder and the swing cylinder to reduce the occurrence of pipe blocking.
5. Programmable control technology. All electrical logic control of concrete pump for sale is realized by programmable controller, which is safe and accurate and extremely reliable.
6. Multiple protection technologies. The electrical system of concrete pump for sale is equipped with multiple low-pressure voltage start-up, electrical system display and short-circuit protection, motor overload protection, diesel engine fault alarm and other multiple protection measures to reduce damage to the equipment caused by misuse.

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