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GMP7/35D Small Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Machine - Practical Value

2019-10-23 10:03:35

GMP7/35D Small Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Machine - Practical Value

The practical significance of small diesel concrete pump:
1. The improvement of the level of specialization, the necessary human capital is small, the construction plan is simple, and saving time saves money.
2, the application output power of small concrete pump machine is very small, only 23KW, in the case of no switching power supply, as long as each small and medium-sized generator set can work. The quality is light, and it can be placed on the floor immediately to carry out concrete pouring. It is convenient to move and can be promoted by one person.
Small concrete pump machine is generally applicable to the construction of fine stone pump and narrow tunnel in the room. According to the current sales market situation, small and medium-sized small stone small diesel engine concrete pump machine will become a tunnel construction artifact.

samall diesel engine concrete pump machine

Medium and small mine used small concrete pump:
Transportation of floor heating, heat insulation and light weight concrete cement foam, cement mortar and small stone concrete.
Transportation of fireproof and thermal insulation materials (spurting).
Transportation of landscaping soil layers (spraying) in the basic construction of ecological environmental protection.
Transportation of concrete concrete fiber concrete (spurging) in various construction projects.
Small concrete pump features:
The power unit uses a motor and a diesel engine.
The double-pump double-channel hydraulic transmission system has low impact and high credibility.

diesel engine samall concrete pump machine

The squatable side door, practical operation, maintenance and maintenance are very convenient and quick. The side door uses a unique manufacturing process to reduce the working noise. Double-pump, dual-circuit open hydraulic drive system is selected. The main gasoline pump, the system software is simple, the components of small concrete pump have long life and high credibility. The underwater concrete fuel pipe is controlled by non-touch automatic commutation and extension, which prevents the reverse impact, and the commutation is accurate, stable and reliable. The hydraulic transmission system is equipped with safety overflow maintenance and over-pressure automatic disconnection and interception equipment, so that the main valve can obtain multi-level maintenance. The use of suction port technology is adopted to prevent dirty objects from entering the control circuit of the hydraulic machine, and the reliability of the system is greatly increased to greatly increase the service period of the system software components.

Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Machine

The advantages of small diesel concrete pump and large stone small concrete pump pouring professional equipment are as follows:
(1) Large stone concrete pump The hydraulic pump concrete pouring pump has a very small output power of only 23kw. In the case of no switching power supply, small concrete pump can work with each of the most small and medium-sized generator sets.
(2) Large stone concrete pump The hydraulic pump concrete pouring pump is the smallest concrete pump in China, which is the only choice for the natural environment of many small projects.
(3) The small diesel concrete pump is very light and easy to move.
(4) Large stone concrete pump the hydraulic pump concrete pouring pump pump is equipped with high, full hydraulic drilling rig operation, stable characteristics, compact structure, low repair rate and long life.
(5) Large stone concrete pump The hydraulic pump concrete pouring pump is cheap and good. There are small mortar pumps, small fine stone concrete pumps and small concrete pumps for customers to choose.
(6) Large stone concrete pump The hydraulic pump concrete pouring pump uses the piston rod structure to fully automatic air pressure technology, the working pressure is too large, the underwater concrete is long distance, and the underwater concrete has a high aspect ratio.

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