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CLC aircrete machine for sale

2021-04-12 16:48:50

CLC aircrete machine for sale
There are many types of CLC aircrete machine for sale, and there are countless foaming machines of various brands, shapes and names, and new brands and names of CLC aircrete machines are constantly being introduced. The numerous models have dazzled the producers, so that they choose the wrong model. In order to facilitate the producers to choose the CLC aircrete machine correctly, let's talk about the selection method of the CLC aircrete machine:

1. Fully understand the type of CLC aircrete machine for sale
Although the basic principle of the foaming machine is to introduce gas into the foaming agent aqueous solution, different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. Knowing the type of CLC aircrete machine for sale will know its air-entraining method, which is very helpful to further understand its technical characteristics and performance, and helps the producer to grasp the overall.

2. Carefully master the basic technical parameters of the CLC aircrete machine
For the producer, it is not enough to only understand the model and the foaming principle. It is also necessary to further understand several important technical parameters of the foaming machine to determine whether it meets their own production requirements.
1) Output: The output is the amount of foam produced. This amount must be slightly higher than 20% of the amount of foam you need to allow room. The amount of foam produced should be the basis for the approved calculation and not the upper limit;
2) Installed capacity: Installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter is of great significance for calculating the adaptability of electrical circuits to total power consumption;
3) Equipment size: This parameter is a necessary factor for the overall layout planning of the workshop;
4) Bubble diameter range: generally should be compared according to the requirements of the specific product for the bubble diameter.

CLC aircrete machine for sale

3. Carefully understand the foaming quality
The ultimate product of the foaming machine is foam, and what we need in the production process is also foam. Therefore, the quality of the foam is the only criterion for judging the performance of the CLC aircrete machine for sale. Judging the foaming quality of a foaming machine should be based on three aspects, namely foam fineness, foam uniformity, and foam bleeding.
Foam fineness refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the smaller and denser the foam, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the product produced, and the better the insulation performance.
Foam uniformity refers to the uniformity of the bubble diameter. The more uniform the bubble diameter, the narrower the distribution range, the more uniform the stress on the product, and the better the use effect.
Foam bleeding refers to the amount of foaming agent aqueous solution produced after the foam bursts. The lower the foam bleeding, the lower the foam water content, indicating the better the foaming performance of the foaming machine.
Whether the CLC aircrete machine for sale can meet the requirements in the above three aspects should be confirmed through a test machine. When choosing a foaming machine, it is required that the foam emitted by the foaming machine must be a sponge-like fine foam with more foam and less water, and be uniform and fine.

CLC aircrete machine for sale application

Leadcrete Equipment is a professional CLC aircrete machine supplier and has more than 20 years’ experience in this field. As a unique supplier with ISO 9001:2008 and CE certificate in foam concrete machine in China, our products have been exported to the UAE, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain, Nepal and so on.

If you want to know CLC aircrete machine price, please feel free to contact us! The email: info@gaodetec.com.

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