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Ultra-thin hydraulic jack for sale

2021-04-09 20:54:06

Ultra-thin hydraulic jack for sale
Ultra-thin synchronous hydraulic jacks are mainly used for equipment installation and lifting operations in various industries such as electric power construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding, etc. The jack is designed with a safety pressure holding device to facilitate safe operation. Four sets of shut-off valves are also designed, which can control the jacks to rise and fall synchronously at any time. The connection of this device uses high-pressure hoses and quick connectors, which is very fast. This series of jacks are especially suitable for use in places with very narrow space.     

Ultra-thin synchronous hydraulic jacks

The ultra-thin hydraulic jack adopts the hydraulic working method, using 35# anti-wear hydraulic oil to supply oil to the cylinder through the pumping station, which converts the pressure of the fluid into the lifting force of the piston. It works smoothly and is widely used.
The single-acting design and spring return make the piston rod retract quickly. Normally, the rated load-bearing capacity refers to the force that can be exerted under a given large working pressure, and the tonnage of the thin jack refers to the load-bearing capacity under 70Mpa.
When using a jack, we must determine whether the rated load-bearing capacity matches the weight, and the load-bearing capacity cannot exceed the maximum limit.
Choose a ultra-thin hydraulic jack with a suitable low height. One measurement standard is that the reserved space at the bottom of the weight should be greater than the small height of the hydraulic jack, and it can ensure that the height of the piston rod of the hydraulic jack after fully extended is greater than the height of the hydraulic jack during the lifting process. The thickness of the pad.

Ultra-thin hydraulic jacks

When the hydraulic jack lifts the lever handle 1 by hand, the small piston is driven upward, and the seal working volume in the pump body 2 increases. At this time, since the oil discharge check valve 3 and the oil discharge valve 8 respectively close their respective oil passages, the working volume in the pump body 2 increases to form a partial vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the oil in the oil tank flows into the pump body 2 through the oil pipe to open the oil suction check valve 4 to complete an oil suction action.
The ultra-thin hydraulic jack is equipped with a pressure holding device inside to prevent overpressure. If it is over-pressured, the ultra-thin hydraulic jack will not return to a certain position. The electric ultra-thin hydraulic jack has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. The jack can play a double protective role. After the ultra-thin hydraulic jack is equipped with an accessory device, it can achieve the purpose of low height and high stroke.
Within the rated working pressure range, if you want to determine the actual load of the jack, connect the pressure gauge seat to the oil outlet of the approved manual oil pump, and the pressure gauge will indicate the working pressure. According to the working pressure and the area of the cylinder, the weight of the heavy object can be known.

Ultra-thin hydraulic jacks for sale

Before operating the ultra-thin hydraulic jack, fully understand the precautions of the ultra-thin hydraulic jack:
1. During operation, it must be noted that the point of force of the jack should be within the thickness of the box girder web or the web of the hollow slab. At the same time, the softness and hardness of the ground must be taken into consideration to avoid the danger of tipping during lifting.
2. After the jack lifts the weight, the support should be used to support the weight in time. It is forbidden to use the jack as a support. If several jacks are to be used at the same time, a multi-jack distribution valve should be used, and the load should be considered. Balance, so as to avoid dumping.

 If you are interested in our ultra-thin hydraulic jack, please contact us freely, info@gaodetec.com.

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