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Bentonite cement slurry turbo grout mixer for sale

2021-07-23 16:14:40

High-shear high speed colloidal bentonite cement slurry turbo grout mixer is internationally recognized as the most efficient method of mixing cement-based grouts and other materials. Colloidal bentonite cement grout mixer results in a very stable mixes. Colloidal cement slurry turbo grout mixers are very efficient at mixing cement, bentonite and other clay products. The mixing process accelerates hydration and produces a more stable, uniform liquid quickly.
Cement, water, bentonite, additive etc.materials are drawn through the high speed impeller pump, the pump rotating speed is 1500rpm to prevent flocculation and achieve complete wetness. Mixing time is only need 2-3 minutes, save time cost, the high shear electric grout mixer have been shown to increase apparent fluidity of slurry mixes by 20% than paddle mixers, play an important advantage for dam, rock, soil grouting etc.
The working height is low and it is easy to load cement bags. The colloid 
cement slurry turbo grout mixer with quick mixing device is to efficiently mix various types of cement slurries, including cement, ultra-fine cement, bentonite and other additives.
bentonite slurry turbo grout mixer provides a large capacity to allow continuous pumping of cement slurry. Ensure that there is enough mixture content to prevent dry running of the grouting pump. The grout agitator eliminates any air bubbles that may produce more desirable results during the mixing process.
The slurry turbo grout mixer with agitator is internationally recognized as the most effective method for mixing cement-based grouting and other materials. The colloidal mixing produces a very stable mixture that can prevent exudation and water pollution. The bentonite turbo grout mixer with agitator is used to quickly mix pure cement slurry with a water-cement ratio as low as 0.36:1 and no additives are required. After adding plasticizer or superplasticizer, the ratio may be lower.For the high capacity colloidal cement turbo grout mixer, usually we do not suggest add mortar and sand inside. For the colloidal turbo grout mixer, high shear high mixing speed is 1450rpm, it is very fast. If sand inside the material, the impeller may more easily broken. Also it may result the block. Colloidal grout mixer is the most optimum mixing: Slurry is repeatedly re-circulated through the zone of high shear within the colloidal type grout mixer. This breaks down the cement and ensures maximum dispersion of fluids. Also for the high capacity colloidal mixer, it has pressure discharge, so the material and liquid could transfer back to the tank for mixing for transfer directly to the agitator at the same height or to the final destination.

Bentonite cement slurry turbo grout mixer

1. High efficiency and large reserves, which can be applied to various grouting engineering operations;

2. Safe and reliable; the key component motor adopts I advanced protection level;

3. The mixing arm of the storage tank adopts a pre-denatured frame structure, which has high strength, strong force and no deformation:

4. High-speed centrifugal mixing ensures uniform mixing and no precipitation;

5. High reliability; the motor adopts vertical installation, easy to seal, good sealing effect, low failure rate, if there is a small amount of slurry leakage at the motor stirring shaft, it will not affect production and use in a relatively short period of time.

We also could customize the bentonite cement slurry turbo grout mixer that you want for you, any question or for the best price, please tell us freely

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