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High pressure filtering machine automatic membrane filter press manufacturer

2020-02-13 16:20:48

High pressure filtering machine automatic membrane filter press manufacturer

The automatic membrane filter press has different application performance and installation and commissioning work in different industrial filtration processes. In order to ensure the normal operation of the filter press equipment and extend the service life in the entire filtration process, it is essential to use and operate it correctly. At the same time, regular inspections should be carried out for timely maintenance and maintenance. In the construction process of the automatic membrane filter press, there must be professional operators to perform the correct operation!

automatic membrane filter press

The filter cloth must be properly selected for the filtration process in the automatic membrane filter press, that is, the clarification of the filtrate and the filtration efficiency must be considered. Filter press equipment must clean the filter cloth at the end of each work so that the cloth surface does not leave any residue. The filter cloth should be softened and hardened. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. After using the filter press for a long time, check the sealing surface of the filter plate and remove the residue on the sealing surface to avoid leakage of slurry and liquid during work. Pay attention to protect the sealing surface of the automatic membrane filter press and avoid collision. It is better to stand upright to reduce deformation.

filter press manufacturer

Precautions for commissioning, installation, use and maintenance of high pressure filtering machine in industrial filtration process:
1. If the electrical control system of the automatic membrane filter press fails, cut off the power first, and shut down the filter press equipment to repair or replace the components. Periodically measure the insulation performance of electrical appliances.
2. During the construction process, the automatic membrane filter press should be changed for one month after the new machine is installed and used, and the fuel tank should be thoroughly cleaned. After that, clean the fuel tank once every six months and replace the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank. The hydraulic oil should meet the requirements. The oil level is located above the center of the liquid level line. 
3. The temperature of the filter press is less than the rated temperature of the filter material, generally <100 ° C. The material should not be mixed with debris and hard objects that can easily block the feed port to avoid damaging the filter cloth.
4. Valves such as feed liquid and washing water should be opened and closed according to the operating procedure. Do not mix them.
5. After the work of the filter press equipment should be timely and as much as possible despite the remaining material in the channel. Keep the machine and surroundings clean. Remove the residual filtrate and filter cake on the filter press equipment in time. Apply grease to the piston rod at regular intervals.

high pressure filtering machine

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