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Clay filter press machine for ceramic slurry

2020-02-14 19:37:55

Clay filter press machine for ceramic slurry
The sludge filter press,clay filter press machine for ceramic slurry is a metal-made machine. In the daily use, water will remain on the metal surface. If it is not dried in time, it will inevitably rust. After cleaning the metal surface, moisture or solvents often adhere to it. It should be removed as soon as possible to prevent rusting before applying the rust inhibitor. 

clay filter press machine for ceramic slurry

The common drying methods are as follows: Heating method, oil bath dehydration method, compressed air drying method, gasoline drainage method with surfactant, infrared drying, etc.
No matter what kind of drying method is used, wait until the metal surface is cooled to a certain temperature before applying the rust inhibitor, otherwise it will cause the rust inhibitor to decompose. The metal surface treatment process is the basis of rust-proof packaging. 

filter press for ceramic slurry

Only when the metal surface is cleaned with filter press for ceramic slurry and completely dried can the role of the rust-proof material be fully exerted. Otherwise, even if the rust-proof material with very good performance is used, it is impossible to obtain satisfactory rust-proof effect. How much is the price of the filter press for clay slurry? 

filter press for clay slurry

The above is the attention that the plate and frame filter press for ceramic slurry should pay attention to in terms of drying. In daily use, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the machine to extend the service life of the machine. Learn more about filter press price, filter press equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, sludge filter press, plate and frame filter press: 

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