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Concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine

2023-05-15 14:45:00

GCPM series concrete planetary mixer can achieve high-efficiency and uniform mixing in the precast concrete, common commercial concrete, and high-performance concrete industry, high mixing efficiency, uniform mixing, and a wide range of applications. In addition to the metallurgical industry, it can also be used flexibly in glass, ceramsite, and blocks. The overall structure is compact, no matter what kind of upper production line it is used for, it can ensure sufficient production line layout space.

concrete planetary mixer for concrete block

Through the combination of rotation and revolution of the stirring device, strong mixing and stirring is realized, and the reciprocating track operation makes the materials perform complex overlapping work. There is no low-efficiency area or dead angle for stirring, and high-quality stirring work is realized.

The concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine is driven by a single motor, which can eliminate the phenomenon of output asynchrony. The single motor design ensures that the power of the mixer can be output in a balanced and effective manner, which lays the foundation for uniform mixing of materials.

counter current concrete block mixer

The GCPM series concrete planetary mixer has low maintenance cost, reliable production, and outstanding processing efficiency. It is suitable for different production line application scenarios, compact structure, flexible configuration, and does not need to occupy a lot of space. It is more convenient to arrange.

planetary concrete block mixer machine

The concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine can effectively bring out the effective characteristics of the material, and the upgraded performance can quickly promote and develop the production of the industry. The vertical shaft concrete planetary mixer fills the gap left by the material behind the mixing arm, and the material is subjected to gravity The influence makes a downward movement. In this way, the mixture has both horizontal movement and vertical movement. From a microscopic point of view, it is more conducive to breaking the agglomeration of material particles, so that particle molecules can be more fully combined with water molecules.

concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine

Gaodetec Equipment absorbs the experience of the same industry abroad, combines its own technological development, and manufactures it through exquisite production technology. The unique design has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low power consumption and environmental protection. The structure is reasonable, and it can be used alone and matched in mixing. Multiple advantages of using.

concrete planetary mixer for making concrete block

The trajectory of concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine:
Gaodetec Equipment Refractory Mixer_The mixing trajectory of the refractory mixer is a motion trajectory curve with high mixing efficiency and high mixing homogeneity, which is summarized on the basis of years of painstaking research and field tests. Concrete planetary mixer The rotation of the motion trajectory of the for concrete block mixer machine is obtained by superimposing the rotation of revolution and output mixing. This process belongs to the speed-up mode, and the mixing is fast and labor-saving. The trajectory curve belongs to a progressive and denser structure, so the homogeneity High performance (high mixing uniformity), high stirring efficiency.

Concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine inspection port structure:
The inspection port of concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine has passed through our company. According to the actual production and maintenance needs, the design adopts a large opening structure in disguise, which reduces the sealed compression space and makes the sealing of the inspection door more reliable. Refractory material mixer_ Observation port of castable mixer The observation port of other mixers is also designed rationally in terms of observation field, with wide field of view and larger space for maintenance.

The structural design of the mixing arm of the concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine:
GCMP series concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine mixing arm adopts streamline profile design, and is designed with a special wear-resistant protective cover, which reduces the chance of material adhesion and improves the service life of the mixing arm. After testing, this kind of mixing arm is Compared with other stirring arm structures, the structural design has doubled the service life. Refractory material mixer_The scraper arm of the castable mixer adopts a reinforced structure design, which has good stability in use. Both the mixing blade and the bottom scraper blade are designed as a parallelogram structure. At the same time, the blade is rotated 180 degrees for secondary use, and the mixing arm adopts a clamping block clamping structure, which can double the utilization rate of the blade.

planetary concrete mixer technical data

If you are interested in our concrete planetary mixer for concrete block mixer machine, please contact us directly and tell me your real needs:
About the planetary concrete mixer:
1. What's the project you will use the machine to do, mixing Refractory materials, Ultra High-Performance Concrete, Concrete, or other?
2. What is the mixing capacity you require?
3. Do you have any other special requirements for this machine?
4. Whether have an air source in your working site, we have a pneumatic discharge door and a hydraulic discharge door for your option.
5. Do you mind telling me your email address? So we will send our machine details and price list for your reference soon.

Contact email address: info@gaodetec.com

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