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304 stainless steel filter press for soybean oil extracting

2020-06-30 18:25:41

304 stainless steel filter press for soybean oil extracting
In some special fields, the customer has higher requirements on the plate material, which contact their material, for example, food & beverage, medicines, etc., so stainless steel filter press is developed. SUS filter press normally adopts hydraulic closing. Comparing with normal PP filter plates, filter plates of a stainless steel filter press are made of S.S.304 or S.S.316. In China, stainless steel filter press normally refers to stainless steel 304 filter press (also called S.S.304 Filter Press or SUS 304 Filter Press), because the price of S.S 316 is higher than S.S. 304, most customer prefer S.S.304. It's mainly used for solid-liquid separation of high sanitation materials. 

304 stainless steel filter press

Soybean oil extracting stainless steel filter press features:
1. The plate is made of S.S.304 / 316. It can resist strong corrosion, higher temperature, and serves longer.
2. Adopts plate & frame design, according to different filtering requirements (primary filtration, refined filtration, ultrafiltration), the filtering medium can use filter cloth, filter paper, filter pad, filter membrane, etc., so that realize best filtering performance.
3. Bigger capacity. Different from the multi-layer 304 stainless steel filter, the stainless steel filter press for soybean oil extracting can be squeezed by hydraulic system, so the filtering area and filtering capacity are greatly increased and the filtering effect is much better.
4. It's easy to clean. The whole structure is coated with stainless steel.
5. It can meet the requirements of the food and medical industries. 

soybean oil extracting stainless steel filter press

It has an extensive application, such as foodstuff, pharmacy, chemical, etc., especially for refined filtration and sterile filtration of beer, liquor, wine, edible oil, soybean oil extracting etc. If you are interested in it, please contact us: info@gaodetec.com

filter press for soybean oil extracting

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