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Hydro mulcher for sale

2020-07-03 18:33:02

Hydro mulcher for sale
Hydro mulcher is a professional equipment used for slope greening. Through this hydro mulcher equipment, soil matrix, green grass seeds, water retention agent, binder, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the mixing tank of guest soil sprayer to form a gel. The slurry is sprayed on the slope with a mud pump. Because the slurry contains water-retaining materials, binding materials, and various nutrients, the water and other nutrients needed for plant growth are guaranteed, and the damage of the spray material by rain erosion is effectively prevented, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

hydro mulcher for sale

We are professional hydro mulcher supplier and manufacturer for many years, Gaodetec hydro mulcher is one of the greatest values on the market for large hydroseeding equipment, is one of the greatest values on the market for large hydroseeding equipment. The large capacity tank, along with the super strong agitation, brings the large seeding jobs down to size in short order. Load water and your product with ease. There is no reversing the agitator to load and mix. It can maximize your production and cut your labor costs.

hydro mulcher manufacturer

Hydro mulcher
is driven by single diesel, electronic control, easily operation. It's a better way to install residential and commercial lawns -- hydroseeder. Especially suitable for outdoor conditions, suitable for all kinds of rock slopes, hard soil, poor soil, acid soil, dry areas, clay and coastal dams, etc.

Hydro mulcher is the spray of grass seeds, wood fibers and fertilizer on a water-based mixture. It is often used to plant grass on steep slopes to prevent soil erosion. The rehydration process involves mixing fiber coverings, fertilizer, water, seeds and lime (sometimes lime) in a water tank and then applying directly to the prepared ground using a water spray hose. Once the lawn area is thoroughly sprayed, the moist fiber cover binds to the soil and provides a water cover for the seeds to protect them from sunlight, erosion and wind. Once the seeds begin to germinate, the fiber cover gradually decomposes to provide nutrients to the soil.

hydro mulcher supplier


If the planting area is large, the hydro-seeding can be completed in a very short time. It is very effective on hillsides and sloping lawns, helping to control erosion and grow quickly. In general, the cost of hydroseeding is lower than the cost of grass seeding, but higher than the cost of seeding. Results are usually fast, germination rate is high, can grow grass in about a week, and from the date of application about 3-4 weeks to start pruning mowing grass. Fiber mulch accelerates the germination process by maintaining moisture around the seed, thereby increasing the germination rate.

hydro mulcher

1. Lawn
2. Golf course
3. Residential landscaping & construction
4. Commercial landscaping & construction
5. Schools and universities
6. Parks and recreation
7. Sports fields

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