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Xi President visited Cambodia will boost bilateral relations to a new height

2016-10-14 17:46:10

Xi jinping, the chairman will be held today (13) to 17, state visit to Cambodia, Bangladesh, and attend the goa in India at the bric leaders met the eighth. As the first leg of the trip, xi jinping, chairman today (13) will be officially began a state visit to Cambodia. Analyzes believed that the visit will further consolidate bilateral traditional friendship, and offers great opportunities for bilateral cooperation in all areas.

Expert: the bumper year into bilateral relations
In Cambodia is a "good neighbor" brothers, is also a "good friends" sincere treatment, by bilateral leaderships of the two countries forged and carefully nurtured friendship, has stood the test of time and fluctuating international situation changes. In recent years, frequent high-level interactions between the two countries, chairman of xi's visit to Cambodia, this year is the king sihamoni state visit to China visit. 

Analysis that the current bilateral relationship is in the best historical period, the visit will push bilateral relations back to "harvest".
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Secretary general of the China academy of South Asia research center Ye hailin, : "although country of Cambodia is not big, but very prominent. Visit this time, believe that can make bilateral relations to a higher level, make the future of bilateral relations not only for the two sides, more for the entire southeast Asia will play a more important role, this kind of consideration, is under the double role of political and economic results, need to give a high evaluation."

Expert: docking area close bilateral cooperation all the way
China is the first largest trading partner and largest foreign investor in Cambodia, Cambodia is "in" construction of the key countries. Chairman during the visit, Mr Xi will work with Cambodian prime minister hun sen to attend the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation, analysts say, the new listing, means that the two countries in trade, investment and tourism cooperation will further, and will bring more opportunities.
Ye hailin, : "this time trip is supposed to be 'all the way to further deepen in the area under the framework of bilateral cooperation. Cambodia is a young country, in the aspect of infrastructure, industrial upgrading has great space, Cambodian people expected and China enterprise investors expect is the same, is the future will be more Chinese investment elements into Cambodia. Makes the country's economy, the two countries closer together.

Maintaining the momentum of rapid growth in recent years, bilateral trade, in the first half of this year the bilateral trade volume has reached $2.34 billion, up 10.2% from a year earlier. Also continuously expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two sides., experts say, chairman of xi's visit will be to consolidate and deepen the traditional friendship, and promote bilateral development strategic depth and docking, do deep real "demonstration area" tour, and results of the visit will also benefit the surrounding countries and regions. 
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