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Delivery mud pump to UAE Dubai

2019-12-23 15:13:52

Recently our customer in Dubai, UAE orders 1 set of BW150 mud pump, diesel power with electric spark starts.

BW150 mud pump for sale is horizontal, triplex mud pump, single acting reciprocation piston pump. Diesel power, electric power and hydraulic motor can be made. Mud pump Dubai is a reciprocating pump used to circulate the mud (drilling fluid) on a drilling rig. It is an important part of the oil well drilling equipment.

mud pump for sale

Our BW160/BW200/BW250 mud pump are priciple equipment for drilling. It delivers a sufficient amount of circulating water with the desired characteristics to the well under pressure to rise the clastic rock to the ground, cooling the drill bit to lubricate the drilling tool and protect the well wall. So that the function of the mud pump directly influences the drilling efficiency and the production safety. The main characteristic of mud pump is the high pressure, lift much, easy to move, less engergy consumption, easy operation, high quality and duarable, especially for mountain terraces of irrigation.

The mud pump assembly is driven by an engine or motor. Electric motors, diesel engines, or hydraulic motors are common depending on the fuel and energy available on or near the rig. The drilling mud pump is packed on the skid-mounted equipment for easy on-site removal and transportation. Other methods may also be used (e.g., a trailer type with four wheels).

Mud pumps for sale are also the main equipment of the geological survey, the mud pump role of core drilling boreholes is to supply fluid(mud or water), making it circulate during drilling and carry rock waste back to the ground, in order to achieve and maintain the bottom hole clean and lubricate drill bits and drilling tools with cooling.

mud pump supplier

UAE drilling rig mud pump application range:
1. Exploration: Coal mining exploration, Ore exploration;
2. Water well : Small hole diameter water well drilling;
3. Pipe-installing : Geothermal pipe-installing for heat pump;
4. Foundation piling: Small-diameter hole foundation piling drilling; 
5. Projects: Construction drilling of the projects e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation(geological exploring), railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction.                                                                                                                                       
BW mud pump Dubai is equipped with drilling rigs to drill holes with mud. During drilling mud pump pumps slurry to the hole to provide coat to the wall, to lubricate the drilling tools and to carry the rock debris up to the ground. It is applied to geological core drilling and prospecting drilling with depth less than 1500 meter.

BW150 mud pump UAE with simple structure and easy for disassembly and maintenance. Smooth operation, small vibration and low noise, the drilling fluid flow is stable.

We are a professional mud pump supplier, for more information, please email us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

    mud pump Dubai

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