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What is foam concrete?

2021-06-21 11:19:42

What is foam concrete?

Foam concrete is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-cost, non-flammable building materials. Nowadays, foam concrete is widely used in CLC blocks, wall panels, roof insulation, foundation backfilling and so on.

foam concrete

Benefits of foam concrete:

1. Foam concrete can be used for watering construction.

2. Low water absorption.

3. Low density lightweight.

4. High operational flexibility.

5. Less investment, high profits.

Foam concrete of varying densities can be produced. The foam concrete machine comprises an feed system, a foaming system, a pump system and a mixing system. It's all program-controlled, very labor-saving. This is a medium-sized machine with a higher capacity. We have wheels on it, so we can easily drag from one project to another.

As a insulation material, foam concrete has more advantages:

1. Thermal insulation performance is good. The thermal conductivity is less than 0.20 W/(m.k).

2. High heat resistance. Foam concrete is resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees C. There is no thermal decomposition.

3. Environmental protection, non-toxic harmless. Contains no toxic ingredients and is beneficial to indoor thermal environment.

4. Low cost. The cost of foam concrete for geoheety is 30-40% lower than that of foam polystyrene.

5. Simple process, fast construction speed.

6. Soundproofing performance is good.

Our all-in-one foam concrete machines are designed for underfloor heating and roof insulation. The maximum vertical transport height is up to 70 meters, which meets most construction requirements.

foam concrete making machine

Foam concrete keeps your house warm in winter

It's really cold in winter in China, especially in northern China. How will you spend this winter? We think underfloor heating can bring you warmth.

As a new heating method of energy saving and comfort, floor radiation low temperature hot water heating system is more and more widely used in residential construction. In the future, about 60% of the houses will use underfloor heating, underfloor heating building materials market will have a huge market. Foam concrete is the best insulation for floor heating. It is made of water, foaming agent, cement and other auxiliary materials.

foam concrete machine appliation

Gaodetec Equipment is one of leading manufacturer of foam concrete making machine in China. We can supply many models which can meet your different requirement, no matter CLC foam concrete block, backfill, external wall insulation or roof insulation. If you want learn more about our foam concrete machine, please send Email to us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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