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How to choose foam concrete machine?

2021-06-20 11:44:05

How to choose foam concrete machine?

Certified foam concrete machines require two conditions: the foam should be evenly stable and the moisture content should be as low as possible. The following factors should be taken into account when selecting foam concrete machine.

1. Capacity. Capacity means efficiency. The capacity of ordinary foam concrete machine is 10-30 m3/h. Our  foam concrete machines have a capacity of more than 50 m3/h. Higher-capacity foam concrete machines not only mean increased efficiency, but also reduce the time it takes to make foam and reduce breakage when mixing.

2. The use of foaming agent. The better the foam concrete machine, the higher the utilization rate of the foam agent. Higher utilization rates can reduce the amount of foaming agents, which in turn can reduce production costs. How is utilization measured? Under the same conditions, the lower the density, density and moisture content of the measuring foam, the higher the utilization rate of the foaming agent

3. The stability of the foam. The foam produced by our foam concrete machines is uniform and the bubbles are independent of each other. The thicker the wall, the more stable the foam will be.

4. Easy to operate. A good foam concrete machine should be very easy to operate. There is no need to manually control the ratio of water to foam. Simplicity is the best.

5. After-sales service. You should not only buy products, but also include after-sales service. Quality service and technical support is a high added value. Quality service also means quality products.

choose foam concrete machine

The foam concrete machine can be used for the following projects:

light foam concrete

1. Foam conrete machine for pour the wall now.

2. Foam conrete machine for the exterior wall is kept warm.

3. Foam conrete machine for insulated roof.

4. Foam conrete machine for underfloor heating.

5. Foam conrete machine for upright beam foundation trench filling.

6. Foam conrete machine for soundproof firewall.

7. Foam conrete machine for playground and runway construction.

8. Foam conrete machine for soundproofing layer, tunnel lining filled.

9. Foam conrete machine for cellars, basements and vaulted fillings.

foam concrete machine for filling light concrete

10. Foam conrete machine for sewerage and drain filling.

11. Foam conrete machine for level floor height.

12. Foam conrete machine for water tank, fuel tank construction.

13. Foam conrete machine for platform filling and patching.

14. Foam conrete machine for gardens and fake mountains.

15. Foam conrete machine for making foam concrete blocks.

16. Foam conrete machine for foam concrete prefabricated, hollow wall panel pouring.

17. Foam conrete machine for making foam cement brick.

We can provide you with high-quality foam concrete machines that we have been in this field for 20 years. And we have exported foam concrete machines to many countries and we have a wealth of experience. I hope we can have a good cooperation.

Before we send a quote about the foam concrete machine, please let us know about the following items:

1. What projects will you do? CLC blocks, wall castings, floors, roofs, or others?

2. What capacity do you need? We have 5m3/h, 10m3/h, 20m3/h, 30m3/h, 40m3/h to choose from.

3. What raw materials would you use to make foam concrete? Cement, foaming agent, water?

4. What is the density of foam concrete you want to make? We always make 400-1600kg/m3.

We have now developed a full range of different models. maximum. Yield from 5-40m3/h. Output, pressure and voltage are customizable options. Of course, we also offer foaming agents and foam concrete pumps. We sincerely want to do business with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com


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