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Wet concrete spraying machine for sale

2022-08-03 18:43:27

The wet spraying process is to mix the aggregate, cement and water evenly according to the designed ratio, press it to the nozzle with a wet concrete spraying machine , and then add an accelerator on the nozzle and spray it out. The quality of wet shotcrete is easy to control, and the amount of dust and rebound during the spraying process is very small.

The difference between dry spraying process and wet spraying process:
1. The dry spray process does not add water when mixing outside the cave, and a solid mixture is formed. In the wet spraying process, water must be added according to the mixing ratio to form a fluid mixture.
2. Due to the different shapes of the mixture formed by the two processes, the transportation methods are also different. The transportation requirements of the dry spray mixture are relatively simple. It can be transported by shuttle mine or mining truck, while the wet spray material A tracked concrete truck must be used.
3. The added accelerator is different. The dry spray process uses a solid accelerator. The wet spray process uses a liquid accelerator, and the price difference between the two accelerators is large.
4. The spray equipment used is different. The dry spraying process uses a dry spraying machine, and the wet spraying process uses a wet spraying machine, and the price difference between the two equipment is large.
5. The feeding method of the spray equipment is different, because the dry spray uses a solid mixture. Therefore, manual feeding must be used, and because the wet spray is a concrete tanker, the equipment can be directly connected without manual feeding.

dry spraying process and wet spraying process

Wet spraying and dry spraying processes are mainly distinguished from the above aspects, and it does not mean that the use of wet spraying machines during construction operations is considered to be wet spraying operations.

Advantages and disadvantages of wet concrete spraying machine advantage:
①The sealing structure is good, which reduces the degree of dust pollution and the dust is small.
②The amount of springback is small, saving materials.
③Because the concrete has been mixed well before spraying, the mix ratio of the concrete is guaranteed, thereby ensuring the quality of the concrete.
①The price of piston type wet spraying machine is high;
②The transportation of wet concrete mixture is more troublesome, and sometimes equipment such as concrete tanker is required;
③After each spraying operation, it must be cleaned with water.

Concrete spraying machine performance comparison evaluation index comparison table:
Serial number Evaluation indicators Dry concrete spraying machine Wet concrete spraying machine
1 Environmentally friendly Difference it is good
2 rebound rate Big Small
3 concrete quality Difference high
4 Injection efficiency smaller high
5 Operational simplicity it is good better
6 The cost high high
7 Serviceability better better
8 Cost-effective end high

According to the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that the wet spraying process will inevitably replace the dry spraying process, and the wet mix concrete spraying machine will inevitably replace the dry mix concrete spraying machine and become the mainstream machinery for shotcrete. At present, construction technology pays more and more attention to "people-oriented". Wet spraying technology has unique advantages to the environment and physical health, and there is little difference between dry spraying and dry spraying. Therefore, wet spraying technology is inevitable for social development, but also for construction The inevitable way out for the development of enterprise units.

GSZ3000 wet concrete spraying machine:

air motor wet concrete spraying machine

diesel wet concrete spraying machine

electric wet concrete spraying machine

GDS1500 wet shotcrete machine:

diesel shotcrete pump

electric shotcrete pump

gas shotcrete pump

GDS2000 wet shotcrete pump:

gas wet shotcrete pump

electric shotcrete hose pump

GPS-7A wet mix shotcrete machine:

wet mix shotcrete machine

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