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Continuous Innovation and Advancement in the Technology of Refractory Mixer

2022-12-22 13:12:45

Due to the refractory industry's recent rapid growth, refractory mixer technology has also advanced and innovated, combining automated operation with a PLC control system. As a result, the refractory production line has improved overall, and the intelligent, automated, and intelligently operated refractory mixer can be referred to as the refractor's right hand because it ensures uniform mixing.

250kg refractory pan mixer for casting refractory materials

250kg refractory pan mixer for sale

refractory pan mixer for mixing refractory materials

Refractory mixers come in a wide variety of styles, and there are numerous refractory mixer manufacturers.

250kg refractory pan mixer manufacturers

Factors affecting mixing uniformity:
The refractory pan mixer equipment used in the mixing process of adding material order and the state of the material also has an impact on the mixing uniformity, such as near-spherical particles of small internal friction, the relative speed of movement in the material, etc. Reasonable mixing equipment selection, determining the proper mixing and stirring time, etc. are conducive to improving the mixing uniformity of refractory blanks. The internal friction of the angular particles is high, hence it takes longer to mix them than the former does. The benefits of Gaode Refractory Mixer can minimize the impact of external influences on the machinery.

Technology of Refractory Mixer

The speed of each component can be altered independently to enhance the mixing quality and material adaptability, and the mixer's mixing speed can be adjusted to match the needs of the refractory mixing process.

Refractory mixer the work, the mixed refractory materials in the mobile mixing barrel, are driven by the formation of up and down and circular movement of the material, so as to achieve a certain degree of uniformity in the mix. Together with the fast stirring rotor, the rotor in the high-speed operation of the material axial dispersion can also drive the material along the cylinder to do circular flow, to play an auxiliary mixing and dispersion of lump material decomposition role. In order to meet the needs of the refractory industry, the refractory material mixer can be equipped with overload protection and other device functions, a refractory mixer machine without dead ends, the mixing process does not accumulate material, fast discharge speed, barrel with side hanging plate, the material does not stick to the wall, automatic cleaning clean. Refractory mixer can be equipped with various optional function modules, such as heating/cooling function, liquid filling, and spraying function, sensors for detecting temperature, weight, and material level, as well as special acid-proof and anti-corrosion material protection inside. Refractory mixer high efficiency, low energy consumption, flexible production process features, refractory mixer continue to improve the quality of equipment and technical advantages, with more forced material advantages to reduce production costs and improve market competitiveness process features, refractory material mixer continue to improve the quality of equipment and technical advantages, with more forced material advantages to reduce production costs and improve market competitiveness, into intelligent, digital production technology, improve the level of equipment manufacturing. We have integrated intelligent and digital production technology to improve the level of equipment manufacturing, through continuous innovation, to bring more advanced mixing equipment to the industry.

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