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China tunnel shotcrete machine manufacturers for Thailand customers

2018-05-25 16:29:13

At present, wet mix shotcrete machine is domestic and foreign anchor-spray support equipment with better overall performance such as reducing dust, reducing rebound, and saving materials are available. Currently widely used in mines, culverts, tunnel, foundation pit support, hydraulic engineering protection. 

wet tunnel shotcrete machine

tunnel shotcrete machine manufacturers

Gaodetec China tunnel shotcrete machine is spraying concrete in the thin-flow method, adopts Aliva technology, having better spraying effect. Specially designed hopper, conducive to exhaust. Wet mix is different from dry mix shotcrete machine, need exhaust in the working process. Hopper spring and flexibility steel wire, could chieve best vibration effect. Specially designed compression spring and compression points, can ensure the compaction effect between the sealing plate and steel rotor plate, avoid leaks and  helpful to increase sealing plate and steel rotor service life. Oli vibration motor, Italian technology, protection level IP67, waterproof.

China tunnel shotcrete machine

China tunnel shotcrete machine manufacturers

There is one set of accelerator pump inside wet mix shotcrete machine, which is mainly used to pump accelerator for wet spraying process. Adding accelerator is the purpose of rapid concrete condensation. It’s an indispensable additive in shotcrete construction methods.

tunnel shotcrete machine

 tunnel shotcrete manufacturers

Compared with dry mix shotcrete machine, wet mix tunnel shotcrete machine have below outstanding advantages, such as:

★Greatly reduces the concentration of dust on the side of the machine and outside the nozzle, eliminating the harm to the health of workers;

★Low rebound, when the dry spray, concrete rebound up to 15% -50%, using wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to 10%;

★In wet spraying, since the water-cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of hydration of concrete is high, the quality of shotcrete can be greatly improved and the homogeneity of the concrete can be improved. While dry spraying, the water-cement ratio of concrete is based on the experience of the sprayer. By visual observation to adjust, the quality of the concrete depends to a great extent on operator skills.

★High productivity.

More detailed working video information, please check the below link:



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