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High quality foam concrete pump for sale

2018-05-28 14:49:51

Foam concrete is a versatile building material with a simple production method that is relatively inexpensive compared to autoclave aerated concrete. Foam concrete compounds utilising fly ash in the slurry mix is cheaper still, and has less environmental impact. Foam concrete is produced in a variety of densities from 200 kg/m³ to 1,600 kg/m³ depending on the application. Lighter density products may be cut into different sizes. While the product is considered a form of concrete (with air bubbles replacing aggregate), its high thermal and acoustical insulating qualities make it a very different application than conventional concrete.

Foam concrete pump is a main part of foam concrete machine to make foam concrete. Hose pump now is the most suitable and hot sale pump for delivering concrete. It doesn’t break the foam and keep the performance in maximum.

The industrial hose pump is a new, multifunction and multipurpose industrial pump developed on the basis of foreign advanced technologies. It breaks away the restrictions of traditional pump impeller and shaft seal and uses the totally different mechanism compared with traditional pump. So it is very suitable to transport materials with high viscosity, high corrosivity and high content.

Not only used for delivering foam concrete, there are many other application as bellowing:
Our industrial hose pumps are used to transport the materials in following industries:
1) Phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer industry: Thick pasty stock and sedimentary sludge in spraying and granulating; Quantitative transportation in labs.
2) Mining and mineral separation: Filling materials in gold mining, pasty mined slurry, sewer drainage, sorbent, grout and mortar, etc.
3) Chemical: Pulp of acid, alkali and phosphate; Inorganic salt such as titanium dioxide(TiO2); Crystallized liquid, suspending fluid, emulsion, resin, ooze and any acid or alkali pasty materials.
4) Sewage treatment: Silt slurry and lime mortar.
5) Oil industry: Slurry in well drilling, crude oil.
6) Ceramics: Ceramic slurry, glaze slurry and frit.
7) Papermaking: Paper pulp, sulfur slurry.
8) Cosmetic: Toothpaste, emulsion, shampoo, hair conditioner, face cream and face oil.
9) Construction: Sewerage, drainage of deep tunnel, cement slurry, concrete slurry and ceiling painting.
10) Electric plating and electrolysis: Electroplating solution, electrolyte, anode slime and deposit.
11) Food industry: Oil and beverage
12) Pharmacy: All kinds of pharmaceutical material and liquid
13) Besides above materials, our industrial Hose pump can also transport other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity and large quantity of solid particles contained, such as radioactive liquid waste, electrolytic waste, liquid contained metal, oil paint, coating materials, auxiliary agent in printing and dyeing, bond, glue, latexes and refractory fiber slurry, etc.

Our GF5 foam concrete machine uses superior hose pump and very suitable for making CLC block, floor heating, backfilling and so on. 

high quality foam concrete pump for sale

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