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Hydroseeder for greening slope projection of road embankment

2022-08-08 15:49:13

Hydroseeder for greening slope is riven by a single diesel engine, low fuel consumption, easy to operate and maintain, and reduce operating costs and operating costs. The stirring adopts the mode of combining spiral blade stirring and reflux flushing stirring to form three-dimensional stirring. The 360° rotating universal nozzle is equipped with a combined nozzle and a lead pipe valve, which is convenient for the exchange of the working surface. There are single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps specially designed for the core pump of the soil spraying machine. The customer has a large choice, and can spray the viscous material from the nozzle at a high speed, with a direct range of 20-50m.

hydroseeder for greening slope

Hydroseeder for greening slope projection of road embankment

Product advantages of hydroseeder for slope projection:
1. Features High-pressure mud pump, wide blade path, not easy to get stuck; mud pump has large flow rate and high working efficiency (for example, 6 cubic meters can complete a spraying in 15 minutes);
2. The equipment can add appropriate amount of grass fiber and a large amount of rice husk and sawdust to increase the adhesion of the mud, which has a significant effect on spraying high and steep slopes;
3. The factory can customize different tank capacities, dimensions and horsepower according to customer needs;
4. There are two types of soil spraying machine, mechanical and hydraulic, which can be determined according to the customer's operating habits;
5. There are two types of mud pumps developed by our factory: single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps, which can be selected by customers;
6. The company has relatively strong after-sales service technicians, and strives to bring the most comprehensive and high-quality after-sales service to customers.

greening slope projection of road embankment

Kind tips of hydroseeder for greening slope projection of road embankment:
1. According to the specific gravity of the conveyed material, the conveying distance is quite different;
2. Recommended proportion of ingredients: water: soil: rice husk and other spraying substrates = 1:1.5-2.5:1 (the proportion of soil is determined based on Zhengzhou sandy soil, and the clay needs to be appropriately reduced according to the specific situation. );
The addition ratio of water-retaining agent and binder per tank of 3.6m³ tank is 0.5kg-3kg, (the addition ratio varies greatly due to different soil quality), and the addition ratio of grass seed is 20kg-30kg per tank.

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