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Supplier of refractory gunning machine

2019-07-23 14:46:15

Variable frequency supplier of refractory gunning machine is specially designed for spraying refractory materials, castable in refractory installing project. Compared with common concrete, refractory materials price is higher. So common shotcrete machine is not very good choice for refractory spraying project.

Variable frequency refractory shotcrete machine

Variable frequency supply refractory gunning machine is equipped with ABB frequency converter, it is used for adjust the rotor body rotate speed, further control the refractory gunning machine output capacity. Especially for the start phase, low output capacity could effectively avoid materials block conveying hose. High pressure water pump is used for providing high pressure, evenly mixed with materials in the nozzle water ring. New type pre-dampening nozzle assy have pieces water line to provide water, needle valve control the amount of adding water, ensure that it will achieve best spraying effect.

For variable frequency refractory gunite machine supplier, we have GZ-3ER, GZ-3AR and GZ-5ER refractory gunning machine for your option. Output capacity is 3m3/h and 5m3/h, max. aggregate size is 10mm and 15mm, customers could choose suitable refractory gunning machine according project demands. GZ-3ER and GZ-5ER is electric motor drive, here the voltage is 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, if your local voltage is different with ours, we could also customize suitable motor according to customers’ requirement. Besides, GZ-3AR is air motor gunning machine, don’t need any electric power supply, only need air compressor to provide compressed air, widely used for remote working site.

Air motor refractory gunning machine supplier

Please check the below video link for more detailed spraying effect:


Much more product information, please check our website: https://www.gaodetec.com/refractory-gunning-machine/

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