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Stainless steel anti-corrosion ceramic plunger pump

2022-08-10 11:41:05

YB stainless steel anti-corrosion ceramic plunger pump is a pressure-sensitive variable displacement pump specially designed for filter press feeding. The stainless steel ceramic plunger pump is an adjustable constant pressure, automatic variable type. (This pump is not recommended for materials that are easy to handle).

stainless steel ceramic plunger pump

To understand the performance of the special energy-saving anti-corrosion ceramic plunger pump for YB type filter press, first understand the filtration characteristics of the filter press:

1. Feeding stage: When starting feeding, the filter chamber of the filter press is empty and needs to be filled with materials quickly. (YB pump high-flow feed quickly fills the filter press).

ceramic plunger pump

2. Pressure boosting filtration stage: when the filter press is filled with materials, the pressure begins to rise, and the filter press quickly discharges water. At this time, the filter press needs a large flow of feed. (YB pump, low pressure, large flow, constant feed, fast filtration) As the feed pressure gradually increases, the filter cake in the filter press begins to form and thicken, the water output of the filter press begins to change from large to small, and the filtration capacity of the filter press also increases. From large to small, the amount of feed also decreases. (The output flow of the YBH pump automatically changes from large to small, the hydraulic system has no overflow, and starts to run in energy saving.)

3. Pressure-holding filtration stage: the filtration pressure of the filter press rises to the highest set pressure, and the feed pressure needs to be maintained at constant pressure for filtration, and the filtration capacity of the filter press is further reduced until the filtration is completed. (The flow rate of the YB pump is reduced to a minimum and starts to maintain constant pressure feeding, and the hydraulic system has a very small amount of overflow.)

ceramic plunger pump for filter press

When the pump starts to feed the filter press and low-pressure filtration maintains the large flow rate, as the pressure of the filter press cavity is filled with materials, the filter capacity of the filter press begins to decrease. When the set value is reached, the hydraulic system controls the flow of the YBH pump. The operating speed is reduced.

anti-corrosion ceramic plunger pump

YB series hydraulic ceramic high-efficiency and energy-saving ceramic plunger pump can also be used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, printing and dyeing, ceramics, food, medicine, building materials, environmental protection, coal, metal, non-metallic minerals and other industries. other industry.

ceramic plunger pump cases

If you need a stainless steel anti-corrosion ceramic plunger pump, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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