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Squeeze hose pump for metro project

2022-02-23 18:17:42

We have been engaged in the research and manufacture of industrial squeeze peristaltic hose pump for many years. With our rich experience and professional knowledge, our company has developed rapidly in recent years and achieved fruitful results. Today, our company's squeeze hose pump has formed a very complete product series, with dozens of standard models and countless special models designed according to customer requirements. Industrial squeeze peristaltic hose pumps are widely used at home and abroad. In our squeeze hose pump, hose pumps are widely used in mortar, mud, acid, alkali and high viscosity materials, and can also be used as hose pumps can be used for pumping bentonite and mud fluid in TBM project.

squeeze pump for metro project

Squeeze hose pump for metro project 
1. Meet the cleaning requirements: aseptic and clean delivery points. The liquid only contacts the pump pipe, not the pump body.
2. Low stress: the fluid is not sheared, but driven by the body. This is the love of shearing wool.
3. High shunting accuracy: it has the characteristics of positive displacement. Because the pump can output every revolution and measure quantitative shunting, it can be used.
4. Self priming operation: TBM hose peristaltic pump can transport gas, liquid and gas-liquid mixture during dry operation, and can transport fluid containing solid particles. The diameter of solid particles can reach 30% of the diameter of hose. The vacuum generated by the peristaltic pump makes the pump self-priming, and there is no need to inject water into the pump before starting.
5. Forward and reverse current sharing: by changing the rotation of the motor, it can switch forward and reverse without liquid supply, and the forward and reverse directions without liquid supply will not flow.
6. Easy maintenance and cleaning: only the hose is a consumable without valves and seals. It is easy to set up and operate, and the hose can be replaced quickly.

squeeze hose pump for metro

The squeeze hose pump for metro project is usually mainly composed of pump hose, rotor, drum, idler gear, extrusion hose and driving unit. The extrusion hose is U-shaped in the pump chamber. When the rotor drives the drum to rotate, the hose will be deformed. After the drum rotates, the deformed hose is restored through its elasticity. Thus, the hose generates negative pressure, sucks the mud, and discharges it from the outlet under the push of the drum, and finally forms the pressure transmission of the mud.

hose pump used for metro project

Compared with other types of pumps, the 
squeeze hose pump for metro project is easy to operate and maintain. It only needs to squeeze the hose in contact with the material. In case of any problem, just replace the extrusion hose in time. Today, the Gaodetec industrial squeeze peristaltic hose pump is divided into China extrusion hose and France Trelleborg extrusion hose. China has the largest extrusion hose. The working pressure is 1.5MPa and the service life is about 800 hours, while the French Trelleborg extrusion hose is the largest. The working pressure is 3Mpa and the service life is about 1200 hours. According to different applications, extruded hoses are also divided into natural rubber hoses, nitrile rubber hoses, EPDM hoses and food grade hoses. For example, if a customer wants to pump milk and juice in the food industry, we recommend food grade extruded hoses.

squeeze hose pump

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