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Automatic Filter Press Solid-liquid Separation Equipment Filter Press

2019-12-25 11:01:43

Automatic Filter Press Solid-liquid Separation Equipment Filter Press
Diaphragm filter press is a filter press with an elastic film between the filter plate and the press cloth. In the process of use, when the end of feeding, the high pressure fluid or gas media can be injected into the diaphragm plate, then the whole membrane will expand pressure filter cake, and then achieve further dehydration of the filter cake, which is commonly known as pressing filtration. Diaphragm filter press is the biggest characteristic can be secondary dry crushing filter cake, filter chamber special design, it makes it possible to after filter indoor full of filter cake, shut down automatically feed valve, the filter indoor ventilation into gas or liquid, the filter cloth expansion deformation, so as to achieve the role of secondary exploitation of filter cake, further reducing moisture. The diaphragm filter press has the advantages of high press pressure, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, safety and reliability, etc. It is the first choice for customers in metallurgy, gas, paper making, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical and other industries.

automatic filter press

The filter press is an automatic solid-liquid separation equipment. Including automatic pull plate system, automatic liquid plate system, automatic cleaning press cloth system. Make equipment operation more intelligent automation. The structure design of the automatic filter press is scientific and reasonable, high mechanical strength, stable structure, durable and easy to operate and maintain.

The automatic filter press detects the oil pressure of the current pull-plate hydraulic system through the pressure transmitter, and converts the pressure signal it senses into the analog quantity recognized by PLC, so as to realize the forward and backward control of the pull-plate. Set the photoelectric switch, so that the pull plate system in the process of the pull plate or the whole system can be suspended in the process of recovery, so that the operation process more humanized.

solid-liqued separation equipment

It is installed in the bottom of the filter plate with high quality welded steel plate, by the hydraulic cylinder (single side double cylinder) piston rod driven fan door closed, open. When the filter press is feeding, part of the liquid leaking from the bottom of the filter plate will flow into the turning plate (automatic water collecting plate) and flow downstream to both sides of the filter press, and then into the concentrating tank through the collecting tank. The main advantage is that the liquid cannot flow into the solid material after filtering. The fan door can be opened and closed by changing the electromagnetic directional valve, and the electric control system is controlled by relay circuit, which has good performance.

filter press for sale

Five advantages of automatic plate and frame filter press:

1. Slag discharge through pneumatic valves can reduce the labor intensity of workers;

2. Without the use of filter cloth and filter paper, the cost of filtration can be greatly reduced;

3. Using fully enclosed operation mode, very environmentally friendly, and there is no material loss;

4.  When the slag is shaken by vibration, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced to achieve continuous operation;

5. When the slag and activated carbon in the liquid are filtered and dehydrated, it can also replace the plate and frame filter, which is the primary equipment in the filtration industry.

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