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Sludge filter press filter press for papermaking wastewater

2019-12-24 11:50:06

Sludge Filter Press Filter Press For Papermaking Wastewater

Plate and frame filter press is a kind of equipment for solid and liquid separation in industrial production. It is used in chemical, ceramics, petroleum, medicine, food, smelting and other industries. It is also suitable for industrial filtered sewage treatment; hydraulic type is integrated with machine, electricity and hydraulic. Sludge filter press is used for compaction, and manual mechanical locking is used to maintain pressure. Easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation. The working principle of the plate and frame filter press: for the separation of solids and liquids. The mud cake filtered by the filter press has higher solid content and excellent separation effect.

filter press for papermaking wastewater

First, the manual sludge filter press and frame filter press is composed of a filter frame consisting of a filter frame, a filter cloth, a filter plate and a filter plate filter cloth, and a frame component for pressing the filter part (hand wheel, jack), and the thrust plate end the holes are the feed holes, the washing liquid holes, the filtrate is discharged from the liquid collecting hole, and the washing liquid is discharged from the liquid collecting hole. Connect the pipeline according to the model of filter press you choose.
Second, the hydraulic pressure plate and filter press for papermaking wastewater is consists of the host (frame and filter room), hydraulic components and electrical components.

Plate and frame filter press

(1) Host part
The main engine consists of two beams, the two ends of which are respectively fixed on the thrust plate 1 and the two sides of the hydraulic cylinder base 11 to form a frame. A plurality of filter chambers composed of a filter frame 3, a filter plate 4, and a filter cloth 5 are arranged vertically on the left and right cross beams 8, and can be moved horizontally along the cross beams. The compression plate 7 is hinged to the piston rod 9. The hydraulic cylinder piston drives the back and forth movement, and the filter frame and the filter plate are pressed. After the hydraulic working pressure is reached, the lock nut 10 is rotated to lock and maintain the pressure. Then turn off the motor to feed the filter.

sludge filter press

(2) Hydraulic components of filter press for papermaking wastewater
Hydraulic components are composed of hydraulic accessories (tank and oil filter), hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders and pipelines.
The hydraulic oil needs to be filtered through a 20μm pore size, refuel to the upper limit of the liquid level, the motor drives the oil pump, and the pressure oil enters the hydraulic cylinder through the solenoid valve; the piston is pushed to complete the compaction and relaxation process of the filter chamber. Hydraulic working pressure values are shown in the inserts of each model and specification.

(3) Electrical components of filter press for papermaking wastewater
The electrical components are installed on the right side of the fuel tank, and the control elements are installed on the right side of the cylinder block.

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