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Small mud pump for sale

2022-07-27 18:09:36

The small mud pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance and high pumping pressure. It can transport cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water and other media. The small mud pump can transport two kinds of media at the same time or one kind of medium separately. The small mud pump can reduce and compensate the shrinkage and deformation of the mortar during the setting and hardening process, and prevent the generation of cracks.

Small mud pumps are widely used in mine mining face grouting to plug water, rock roadway and concrete shaft wall grouting to plug water leakage, cracks, broken rock mass, reinforcement and reinforcement of evacuated rocks, anchoring grouting, backfill grouting and prevention It is used in occasions such as ground subsidence, landslide prevention, and grouting to correct the deflection of buildings.

Small mud pump for sale

Small mud pump operation method:
1. Before using the mud pump, test the pump, connect the air pipe, the suction pipe, and the discharge pipe, turn on the pump to test the pump with clean water, observe the operation of the grouting pump, and start the grouting operation after it is normal. The common problem is that the trachea is connected incorrectly, and the grouting pump cannot normally suck and discharge the grouting. The connection method between the grouting pump and the air duct should be prepared on the well. If a quick joint is used, the quick joint (usually Φ25mm) needs to be welded at the air inlet of the grouting pump. If the horse tooth mouth connection is used, pay attention to the matching of the diameter of the downhole air pipe and the air inlet of the grouting pump. Before connecting the air duct, you must first press the air to drain the water. After blowing the water in the air duct clean, you can connect the grouting pump to prevent the dirty water in the air duct from entering the grouting pump and causing damage.
2. Always pay attention to the indication of the pressure gauge. For example, if the indication of the pressure gauge or the safety device does not work after the pressure is exceeded, the reason should be found out, and the fault should be cleared before starting.
3. In addition to the special tools that come with the pump, the tools that need to be prepared in the use of the mud pump also need two pliers (one needle-nose pliers and one flat-nose pliers), one No. 16 adjustable wrench, and two No. 18 pipe wrenches. , two screwdrivers (a plum blossom, one for each character).
4. Pay attention to whether the structure of the mud pump and motor is normal. When any fault is found, stop the machine immediately, open the drain valve to reduce the pressure, and eliminate the fault.
5. The stirred mortar should be tested for consistency before entering the pump. During the test, the consistency meter should be perpendicular to the surface of the slurry, put down easily, and sink under its own weight.
6. Always pay attention to make Gland compact the packing so that there is no leakage. If there is still leakage after compaction, the packing or piston should be replaced according to the specific situation.
7. During the transportation of the mud pump up and down the well, remove the vulnerable and easily lost parts such as the muffler, pressure gauge, U-shaped hose, air nozzle, etc., and bring the tools up and down the well to prevent damage or loss. Use cotton cloth at the interface Block it.
8. After the shutdown of each shift, clean water must be pumped immediately, and the pipeline and the inside of the pump must be cleaned until they are cleaned to ensure that the ball valve, the slurry outlet, the suction inlet and the slurry valve are clean and unobstructed.
9. Number the grouting holes, record the grouting amount and final pressure of each grouting hole, and put a card on each grouting pipe if possible.

If you also need such a small drilling rig mud pump, please contact us directly to get a quotation, email: info@gaodetec.com

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