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Slurry Pump Use Safety Regulations

2014-08-26 18:27:41

1, the slurry pump should be installed on the solid foundation or foundation, must not be loose.
2, before the start, should check and confirm:
(1) the connection parts is firm;
(2) the motor rotating in the right direction;
(3) clutch is flexible and reliable;
(4) the pipeline connection is firm, reliable sealing, bottom valve is flexible and effective.
3, start, suction pipe, valve and pump should be filled with water in the body, the top pressure gauge buffer should be filled with oil.
4, start, should make the piston reciprocating twice before, when no ZuGeng before no-load starting.After start-up, should to be functioning normally, and then gradually increase the load.
5, in operation, often should test the mud sand content.Mud sand content should not exceed 10%.
6, how gears of mud pump, respectively in each shift operation should be several gears of operation, operation time shall be less than 30 min.
7, shall not change during operation;When need to change, should stop pump to shift.
8, operation, when there is a sound or water, pressure is not normal, or have obvious temperature rise, should stop the pump to check.
9, under normal circumstances, should stop the pump when idle.Stop pump for a long time, we should all open hole, and loosen the cylinder head, bring the water bottom valve rod, put all the mud pump body and pipes.
10, stopped for a long time, should be cleaned by mud sand, oil dirties, put lubricating oil is put in the crankcase, and rust and corrosion protection measures should be taken

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