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What are the components of prestressed anchor and their functions

2014-08-25 18:12:55

►1. The anchorage is a mechanical device that used to permanently keep the tension of the prestressed reinforcement and pass it to concrete, mainly used in post-tensioned method in the structure or component.Prestressed anchorage according to the working state can be divided into tension anchor and anchor.Tensioned anchorage for the prestressed tensioning and anchorage.Fixed anchorage to just end the tension side of tensioning prestressed anchorage.Anchorage by anchoring principle are divided into clamp plate (porous jaw anchorage, JM anchorage, etc.), the supporting type (tender head end anchor, screw rod anchorage, etc.), the plug cone type (steel tapered anchorage, anchorage groove pin, etc.) and bond (embossing anchorage, squeeze the anchorage, etc.).Bearing type anchorage's main advantage is in the process of the anchorage of prestressed reinforcement drop-off in small, namely deformation and prestressed anchorage retraction prestress loss is small, more suitable for beams of short length is not big.The disadvantage is that the length of the beam requires accurate and strict in prestressed steel blanking length.Clamp plate after the major advantages of the anchorage is the relaxed Zhang Shu steel blanking length, beam is convenient.Drop-off in big disadvantage is the anchoring process, prestressed reinforcement on the anchoring loss is big, cost is higher, it is suitable for large long beam length.
►2. The connector
The connection of the connector is prestressed device for continuous structure, can be more sections of the prestressed steel connection into a complete long beam, can make the section construction of prestressed concrete piecewise tensioned anchorage and keep its continuity.
►3. Under the anchor supporting system
Under the anchor supporting system including anchor plate, spiral reinforcement or mesh, decorate in the anchorage zone of concrete, as the positioning of the prestressed concrete and prestressed anchorage supporting members, and resistance to stress, splitting control local craze, so as to meet the performance requirements.
►4. The jig
Jig tool kind temporary anchor device, it is called tool anchor.In the tensioning construction, is to transfer to jack's tension of the prestressed steel plant.In tensioning construction, in the concrete forming process and clamping of the prestressed steel, to maintain the tension of the prestressed reinforcement and should be fixed to the tensioning a pedestal.

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