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Concrete slurry pump for drilling rig

2020-04-16 10:38:31

Concrete slurry pump for drilling rig
Concrete slurry pump for drilling rig is mainly used for core drilling rig supporting transportation slurry, also can be used for other aspects of grouting, mine drainage and long-distance water supply and other uses. 

slurry pump for drilling rig

BW concrete slurry pump is a horizontal three-cylinder slurry pump with high stability and high pressure. It is with eight gear variable speed to adjust the flow, output capacity is large, simple operation. High-quality pump parts, less consumables, long service life, low construction costs. The suction is fast and the pump is efficient. BW concrete slurry pump has less noise and dust, environmentally friendly operation.

mud sucker pumps for sale

The slurry pump for drilling rig has low energy consumption, flexible operation, high quality and durability, good decomposability and easy relocation. Concrete slurry pump for drilling rig van be used in railway, within the water, metallurgy, construction, geological industry deep hole 1000m geological exploration, engineering exploration with pump. Slurry pump is the heart of the circulating system, and slurry is the blood circulating in the hole. So quality slurry pumps for drilling rig are very important during the drilling projects. It is well known that mud (drilling fluid in drilling projects) is used to prevent formation fluid from entering the borehole, but also to keep the drill bit cool and clean during drilling, drilling chips.

concrete slurry pump

We have supply the concrete slurry pump for drilling rig in the industry for more than 20 years. And we have excellent quality and competitive prices concrete slurry pump. All of mud pumps and parts meet the industry standards established by the ISO and CE certificate. Also our mud pumps could be also OEM.

drilling mud pumps

As for the drilling rig slurry pump, we have flow from 80L/min up to 2180L/min, pressure from 12bar up to 380bar in our company, and electric motor, diesel engine, hydraulic motor and pump without motor could be choose for customer. 

concrete slurry pump for drilling rig

1. Removable, easy to repair and move.
2. The structure is compact and the shape is beautiful.
3. The traction rod is equipped with a dust seal to prevent the mud at the hydraulic end from entering the power end and the power end lubricant filter. After a large number of production tests proved that the seal is reliable, excellent performance. Extend the service life of the gears.
4. With large, small drilling machine requirements for drilling rig with concrete slurry pump. The flow adjustment range is large and the parameter selection is reasonable. It can meet the needs of different calibers, different holes depth and different geological core drilling.
5. The pressure gauge uses an earthquake pressure gauge and has a long service life.
6. The inlet drain valve uses a steel ball. Noise-cancelling rubber pads are provided on the valve cover to reduce impact noise.

As a global manufacturer of quality concrete slurry pump for drilling rig, we have shipped our pumps around the world. For more information about slurry pump for drilling rig, please feel free to email us: info@gaodetec.com

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