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Lightweight concrete making machine

2020-04-15 11:16:13

Lightweight concrete making machine
Lightweight concrete brick making machine is a new type of brick making machine that is widely used at present. Compared with traditional cement brick, foamed brick is lighter and stronger. As well a new kind of energy efficiency heat insulating material. 

Lightweight concrete brick

Gaodetec lightweight concrete brick making machine can be used in producing various specifications of cement foam board, cement foam bricks and external wall insulation material. Also applied for insulation, moisture proofing, anticorrosion of water, heating and transmission oil pipeline, insulation of low temperature cold store and refrigerated depot section, can also be used in filling tunnel and mine internal voids etc.
Operation process: first put foaming agent into foaming generator and foaming, put it into mixture with cement, and, water and mix, Then cast molding into a new type of material.

 lightweight concrete brick making machine

GF5 lightweight concrete brick making machine max.theoretical concrete output is 5m3/h, max. horizontal pumping distance is 300m, max. vertical pumping distance is 40m, mixerr tank capacity is 200L. suitable for building special brick. Compare with other cement foaming machine, it will take less space, high efficiency of foaming, stable performance.
In addition, we have developed new products: GFC1000-H foam concrete machine is composed of mixer, agitator,foam generator, hose pump, equipped with screw feeder, belt conveyor and submersible pump. The equipment is equipped with a weighing sensor and automatic batching system, which can set each batching weight and realize automatic feeding and full mixing.

making lightweight concrete brick machine

The process is completely controlled by the auto-weighing system. After the preparation work is completed, press the automatic button to start the automatic working. The mixer is started to mixing. Sand, cement, water and foaming agent are loaded in turn and mixed quickly after reaching the set weight. After the mixing is even, open the discharge door. The mixture flow down into the lower screen of the agitator. The low speed mixing blades are equipped in this agitator. After the mixture completely flow down, close the door and continue the next batch mixing. At the same time, start the hose pump to pump the foam concrete mixture to the work site.

This type of lightweight concrete brick making machine is equipped with a pumping system, and the hose pump is also one of our main products. GH series hose pump is equipped with adjustable point, which is convenient and accurate for user to adjust the hose gap controlling the flow rate. Besides the adjustable point is fixed on the hose pump by bolts, and it doesn't loose in the use.

Structure of 
making lightweight concrete machine:
1. Nature rubber outer layer.
2. Nylon reinforcement layer.
3. Inner liner material available in various chemically resistant rubber.

Gaodetec is a manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of lightweight concrete brick making machine. We also have foaming agent and foam concrete pump. We have now developed full series of products with different of models. Max. output from 5-40m3 /h. Power , output, pressure and voltage are available options for customization.

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