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Self-locking type hydraulic jack for sale

2019-10-29 09:49:59

Self-locking type hydraulic jack for sale 
The design of CLL self-locking hydraulic jack is the perfect combination of hydraulic principle and mechanical principle. Self-locking type hydraulic jack has thread in the whole stroke range of volcano rod. After fully lifting, the self-locking nut can be unscrewed until it is against the cylinder block. Free lock nut and the cylinder is stressed, so that the oil pump can be removed, which is especially suitable for the continuous and test operation of the truss and truss.

self locking hydraulic jack for sale

The mechanical nut locking jack combines with the functions of other jacks. The safety of the mechanical bearing of the self-locking type hydraulic jack is suitable for the long-term extension of the piston to support the load. The lock nut cylinder maintains mechanical load for long periods of time. Available in low-profile, lightweight or high-tonnage models with capacities ranging from 20 to 1000 tons and stroke lengths from 45 mm to 300 mm. There is a lock nut cylinder to meet your various requirements and industrial applications.
Product line of self-locking type hydraulic jack as follow: industrial tools, lock nuts provide reliable mechanical load retention, low friction locking ring for easy rotation, saving time and effort, designed to withstand 10% lateral load and withstand up to 90% of maximum stroke, hardened surface resists lateral loads and periodic wear. The overflow port acts as a stroke limiter to prevent the plunger from bursting, both inside and outside are protected by weather, replaceable bearings enclose the plunger to provide support throughout the stroke; certified lifting lugs and base mounting holes.

self-locking type hydraulic jack

Mechanical nut self-locking type hydraulic jack for sale features: Used for lifting and mechanical load support. The threaded piston has a wear-resistant coating and the inner wall of the cylinder is hard chrome plated. Absolute mechanical locking load. The high temperature painted surface is resistant to corrosion and impact.
Support customization, can be customized special specifications hydraulic jack.

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