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Shotcrete machine for tunnel construction

2020-09-11 14:56:15

Shotcrete machine for tunnel construction
Shotcrete technology is widely used in underground construction facilities. The dry shotcrete and tidal shotcrete are widely used in China. With the development of technology, wet shotcrete---a new shotcrete technology is being widely used in the concrete spraying operations. Gaodetec is a professional shotcrete machine producer, including the wet shotcrete machine, dry-mix shotcrete machine, robotic shotcrete machine etc. The shotcrete machine for sale has different models, different volumes, and different power machines. We can also provide customized services according to the needs of customers.  

shotcrete machine for tunnel construction

GPS-7A wet shotcrete machine consists of the hydraulic pumping S valve structure, the max pressure is 8 Mpa, the output is 5-8 m3/h and the hydraulic oil tank volume is 160L. Shotcrete and ordinary concrete have similar physical composition and structure, because of its unique advantages: convenient, fast and low-cost construction, it is suitable for temporary support projects on steel lining, slopes and ground. The shotcrete machine for tunnel construction plays an important role in the large underground project.
The principle of shotcrete machine is to pump the mixed concrete to the sprinkler head, and then mix it with the atomized quick-setting admixture from the metering pump to the nozzle at the sprinkler head to form a bundle and spray it on the sprayed surface. The quality of wet concrete is easy to control. Compared with dry concrete shotcrete, the flying of powder is greatly reduced. However, the requirement for the shotcrete machine for tunnel construction is higher, which is easy to block and cleaning is more troublesome.

tunnel construction shotcrete machine

The GPS-7A wet shotcrete machine for sale has the following advantages:
1. Low dust and low resilience.
2. The wet atomizer is more complicated but less abraded.
3. High water consumption, but the water-cement ratio can be accurately controlled, can be fully mixed, and the quality of concrete can be easily ensured.
4. The transportation distance and height are much smaller than the dry spray method, and the spray system should be located near the working surface.
5. The working environment is suitable to eliminate the damage of static electricity to the human body.

tunnel shotcrete machine

The following items should be noted during the use of the shotcrete machine for tunnel construction:
1. During the construction process, attention should be paid to the use of anchors and concrete to build a safe construction environment. The subsequent construction should be carried out after the sprayed concrete is left for three hours.
2. Pumping wet concrete can easily lead to blockage of the pipeline. If the blockage occurs, tapping should be used as far as possible to open the position after the blockage is detected.
3. The transport pipes and joints of the machine will become thinner due to multiple high-speed impacts and wear during operation. They should be treated regularly to avoid safety hazards.
4. To prevent the pipeline from being blocked, keep the feed hose as straight as possible

If you are interested in the shotcrete machine for sale, please contact us. We have many standard models for your option, and we also could customize as per your requirement. Please tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the corresponding product parameters and quotations.

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